Do Not Try Block Zuckerberg at Fb

Who does not know Mark Zuckerberg,  the billionaire in 26 years old, founder and owner of  the world’s largest social networks, Facebook?

His profile is so phenomenal and controversial, and his story will be immortalized by Sony Pictures on the film The Social Network that began playing in U.S. theaters in October.

After watching the movie, everybody is okay to disagree or hate Zuckerberg. But not on Facebook. Because, unlike all other members, Facebook did not provide a mechanism for blocking against Zuckerberg. Special just for him.

As quoted from the site Mashable, when we try to block Zuckerberg on Facebook, a message appears on the screen instead an error message: “General Block failed error: Block failed” or “General Block Failure: Failed to block.”

A joke site created by developers even provide fun sequence of steps to block Zuckerberg on Facebook. But, of course it sounds like you will not find notification “You have blocked Mark Zuckerberg.” but General Block failed error.

Of course, as mentioned above can not be done because Zuckerberg makes Fb. Certainly would be shocking news if someone can block Zuckerbergno Facebook. And also it is would be ridiculous if the above can be done. The person who creates something but he destroyed by something he made.

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