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Lush – Eau Roma Water (Toner)


Eau Roma water is a toner created by Lush for dry to normal skin. It uses rose and lavender water to tone your skin gently. It is excellent on dry, older or sensitive skin. It is great for removing impurities on the surface of your skin. It removes cleanser brilliantly, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh. I would advise you to use Lush Ultra Bland with it daily (see Lush Ultra Bland cleanser review for more details). It can be used to refresh your skin after a long day to help tired skin.


It is a black bottle with a spray nozzle for easy application. On the front there is white writing explaining what the product is and there is a Lush logo at the top of the label. On the back there is a label showing a picture of the person who made it on a green background. It shows the date it was made and the use by date. The one I purchased lasts a year and two months before it goes out of date. I don’t know how accurate the use by dates is as I have always used the product before these dates. The bottle is durable and will withstand daily life and being lugged about (I am currently travelling about and it has stayed in one piece in my rucksack with no leakage). It is waterproof so it it’s dropped into water it won’t be a big problem as the bottle is made out of plastic.


Lavender Water (Lavendula hybrida), Rose Water (Rosa centifolia), Purfume, Methylparaben

I like the way they explain the ingredients in simpler terms as well as the proper name. I am not thrilled that they have added perfume as I don’t see the need for it but you can not really smell it and my skin has not reacted to it so maybe there is only a tiny amount of it. As the ingredients are simple and haven’t put loads of other rubbish into it, the product works effectively in my opinion.


It’s a liquid which you spray onto cotton wool to remove excess cleanser or to refresh skin. Obviously it is a watery liquid which the name would suggest. It smells what I think is of flowers (maybe lavender and rose mixed together). It is a pleasant smell and only lasts for a while before it fades after use. It is not a strong smell at all. When I am using it to remove cleaner I remove most of the cleanser using a facial wipe, then I spray the toner either onto my hands which I then put on my face or I will spray it directly onto my face (make sure if you are doing this to close your eyes, mouth and don’t inhale). Then I use another facial wipe to rub my face and repeat. Once I have removed all the cleanser, to refresh my face I spray the toner onto my hands and rub it onto my face in a circular motion. This leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

Eau Roma Water costs 5.95 pounds. In the Lush shop they have very helpful sales assistants which are a credit to them and they will help you find the best toner for your skin and let you try out a tester in the shop before you buy anything. Then they will explain thoroughly how to use the product and answer any questions you may have.


I have had only positive experiences with this product it always makes my skin feel tighter, more toned and refreshed. It is great for removing cleansers so it has helped to reduce my blackheads, clogged pores and spots overall. It hasn’t cleared all my blackheads completely but it has reduced the amount I get but I suppose you can’t expect miracles! As I have very greasy sensitive skin it has worked wonders at removing grease and grime without giving me a rash or irritated my skin. I am surprised at how it refreshes your skin and it is a great way to finish your daily skin regime (when I remember to do it)! I would recommend someone to use this product daily if possible. The bottle lasts for ages, longer than my cleanser does. I usually get roughly one toner used for up to two cleansers. So for 5.95 pounds it is worth it as its long lasting. Application is easy and I like the way there is a spray pimp as it means you can spray evenly onto your skin if you feel like it. If you wanted you could screw the cap off which is very easy to do and pour some onto cotton wool if you wished. You have the option if you want to do either which I think is nice. It’s another thumbs up for me for this Lush product! If you have problem skin you should give this a go.

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