Business licenses: how to obtain business licenses for different types of business

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Starting out a business requires you to have a few business licenses. Without the business license you won’t be able to rent space or buy merchandise from wholesaler. You will also be fined if caught by authority that you don’t have a business license. Even if you work at home you still have to hold a business license. Fine is pretty heavy and it may prevent you from holding business licenses in the future.

Any kind of business that you do you will need to have a business license. The business license will enable you to do a few things within the city. You should never proceed to a business without a license. You don’t want to be fined later on and charge with tax evasion too. The purpose for the license is for the bureau to tax you and govern you business.

It’s not that difficult to obtain a business license. You would need to get a list your government ID and head to the city hall in your city to get it. You will need to supply them with a list of your suppliers that you buy from. This is just one of the requirements. They will ask you a few questions about your business and you need to answer them accordingly. Your business will also be inspected by them sometimes so you need to have everything legalized or else you can get in trouble. I have seen business owners get in trouble because they sell fake merchandise or copyrighted items that are fake like burn music or DVDs.

When you open your business you need to make sure that you are complying with the law such as no fake merchandise or no fake copyrighted merchandise such as cds or DVDs because you can be charge and prosecuted for selling fake things. I have seen it many times. It’s not worth it because you won’t be able to do business again if you’ve been prosecuted.
There will be two types of license that you will hold but also the types of license will depends on the types of business that you will do. You will need to apply for a seller’s permit and then you wll also need to apply for a city business license in the city that you live in. If you specialize in foods then you will also need a health permit and then an alcohol permit and then pass a store inspection. Selling foods will require you to hold more licenses and have more inspection than other types of merchandises.

The reason is that foods can harm people and they want to make sure that you serve it right so people don’t get sick from bacteria and food born illnesses. I’ve have had food poisoning before from eating for a company and it’s not fun. I passed out the entire night but lucky I was fine the next day. If you sell foods then you must be careful to follow all the rules or else you risk having your business closed down by the health department. Your customers can report you if you feed them dirty foods. The health department will sometimes do an undercover inspection so you have to beware at all time and have everything the way it’s supposed to be.

When you do open your business, you have to follow the laws regarding your business types at all time. For example if you have a restaurant, you have to have a working bathroom and proper sanitation for your guests and employees. You can get in trouble if you don’t have it running. You will also need to have a working kitchen fan to suck all of the bad air out. You will need to have the wall of your restaurant intact without any leakages. Foods must be stored at appropriate temperature. Foods employees must wear hair net and gloves at all time. When you want to succeed in your business, you must first comply with all the state and federal laws governing your types of business.



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