Get Rid of Those Fleas Once And For All, Even in a Young Kitten!!

My husband recently rescued a very adorable little, homeless kitten from getting ran over by a car after a party a few weeks ago.  Once my daughter saw the kitten (and myself I will admit) it was love at first sight.  We had to keep him, case closed, how could we turn out a cute little thing that had 24, yes 24 toes! 

Well, suffice it to say the love at first sight feeling didn’t stay around long when we discovered after a bath (we did find him outside and i insisted he take a bath) he had fleas.  Not an infestation but enough to make me say, “Ewww.”

We promtply went to the store to rid our little kitty of fleas.  Now, I warn you read all labels carefully!  Do not buy flea medicine for dogs and use this on your cat because that is all the store had left.  Dog flea medicine can severely harm your cat, only use flea products made specifically for cats.  Cats are way more sensitive than dogs (probably why they hate water.)  We bought flea collars for all animals and kitten and cat flea bath for the cat.  We brought it all home and unloaded all the goods.  The dog and older cat we had immediately got flea collars attached around their necks (they were thrilled let me tell you!).  The kitten we could not put on a flea collar until he was twelve weeks old and he was only six weeks old.  We filled the sink and dumped a couple teaspoons of flea bath in the water.  We bathed our kitten generously.  We then took a toothpick (I forgot to get a flea comb) and combed through Lucky’s (Lucky since he was lucky we saved him and he could stay after we found fleas) hair little by little.  We picked through every nook and cranny, some crannies I never want to look at again after this!  Each flea we found we put him in a cup of water to kill it and picked through more hair every so carefully.  After all this we looked on the bottle of flea bath and realized you cannot bath a kitten younger than three months with flea bath!! UH-OH! 

I jumped on the phone and called the emergency room of vets, the only one in town that happened to be open on a saturday and let them know what happened.  We were told kitty would be ok as long as we bathed him with the flea bath and made sure the flea bath was diluted.  Whewww!  Stupid mistake on my part for not clearly reading the directions!  After that we bathed Lucky every day with Dawn dish soap (the stuff they use to clean oil off birds) and diligently combed through his hair with a toothpick, cup of water next to us, and bright headlamp.  I heard fleas like light so figured they would be attracted to the headlamp.  I also read that the Dawn dish soap kind of slows them down, makes them groggy so they are easier to pick off, and boy were they!!  I also heard that fleas like white so we put down white paper in every room and waited an hour to see if any fleas came to the paper.  If none came we did not have a flea infestation in our home. Wheww again!!  Just as a procaution we still put Home Defense spray in every nook and cranny of the house, guaranteed to kill fleas! 

After that week we waited three days and bathed and combed Lucky again.  We then waited one week and bathed and combed Lucky again.  We waited one more week after that and bathed and combed him again, sounds repetitive, right!  I heard that fleas can lay eggs and hatch one or two weeks after you find the last flea on your pet.  So we waited to see that last flea to pick and washed and combed Lucky once a week for two or three weeks straight.

I am happy to report that the vet has just announced our Lucky to be flea free!!! Yeah!!  I am sleeping easier knowing a tiny little but isn’t going to bite my ankles as I sleep and rest easier knowing we did everything we could (as safely as we could for our kitten) to rid him and us of fleas!  I hope this helps for anyone who has a very young cat or dog that has fleas you are trying to get rid of!

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