Opti- Free Replenish – No More Tears!

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Opti- Free Replenish Solution


Opti-Free Replenish is a multi-purpose solution for disinfecting your contacts. It is suitable for silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses.

The solution will clean, rinse and disinfect contacts of any protein (which your eyes produce naturally) or any dirt, dust or grime (for example make-up) which may get onto your lenses. The more protein present the quicker your lenses will wear. If you use this solution daily it will remove and loosen the daily build up of protein deposits your eye produces. This will leave the lenses fresher and more comfortable to wear. Any lens deposits will be removed leaving clearer vision.

It will also recondition your lenses to help retain surface moisture giving more comfort when the surface moisture is low, this is when it feels like your contacts are scrapping your eyes and makes them irritated. The solution allows a thin layer of moisture to be maintained on the lens surface throughout the day. The lens and eye develop a continuous shield of moisture keeping lenses moist providing more comfort and the appearance of white eyes, as the white in your eyes aren’t red from irritation. This also leads to clearer vision.

Using the solution you can store your lenses in the container they provide you with, when you are not wearing them. It will destroy any harmful micro-organisms (germs) on the surfaces of lenses. This will mean germs will not come into contact with your eyes leaving them healthier. It is formulated to disinfect and store lenses for up to 30 days after disinfection.


It comes in a white re-sealable bottle which has a dropper which lets you squeeze the solution out. The bottle is made out of plastic which means it can be wiped clean, if it gets dirty and it’s waterproof so it’s protected if it gets splashed with water. There is a label on the front which is mostly green, yellow, blue and ‘replenish’ is written in red. There is lots of writing all over the label telling you what the solution does and how to use it.

Also included in each pack you will get a small case which has two sides to it so you can put a contact lens into each. This is particularly handy if your contacts have a different prescription for your right and left. One lid is white and the other is green to help you identify the difference between right and left. The lids are easily opened and closed by a screw lid, keeping the contact lenses safe inside without solution leaking out. It means that you can carry them about with you, keeping a spare pare if necessary. Inside there us a small compartment to put solution and a contact lens into, there is also small groves. I’m assuming this is so it will be easier to lift the contact out. The bottle and the case have both been sterilized.


Opti-Free Disinfecting solution is a sterile buffered, isontonic, aqueous solutions containing sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium borate, propylene glycol, Tearglyde which is a proprietary dual action reconditioning system (Tetronic 1304 nonanoyl ethylenediaminetriacetic acid) with Polyquad (polyquaterium-1) 0.0012% and Aldox (myristamidopropyl dimethylamie) 0.0005% as preservatives.

I have no idea what any of them ingredients are all I know is that the product makes my eyes feel great and cleans my contacts.

It is manufactured by Alcon Laboratories Inc, 6201 South Freeway Forth Worth, Texas USA 76134-2009.


The solution is a clear liquid so it is easy to see the contacts when it is stored in it. To use you will have to remove the imprinted seal around the bottleneck completely before opening and using. Make sure you have washed and rinsed your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses and solution. To clean, recondition, rinse and disinfect your lens put it in the palm of your hand and soak your lens completely on each side for 5 seconds rubbing them gently.

To store put solution into the case and put your lens in making sure it is covered with solution. Store the lenses in the closed case overnight or at least 6 hours. You lens will then are ready to wear. You can leave the lens soaking in the closed case for up to 30 days.

Each time your remove your lenses from the case make sure you rinse it making sure all debris has been removed. Always handle your lenses one at a time and either the right or left first to avoid mix-ups. After use always empty and rinse the lens case with fresh solutions and then allow the air to dry before your store your lens in it again.

From Boots you can get a 360ml bottle for 10.95 pounds. You can also get a value pack with two 355ml bottles for 20.49 pounds.


Always follow your eye care professional’s advice even if it is different to these procedures. If you are having problems with your lenses contact your optician as everyone’s eyes are unique. Also if you are having any discomfort which is persistent contact your eye care professional.

Always use fresh solution when storing your lens, never re-use the solution. To avoid contamination never touch the dropper tip on the container and replace the cap after using. Make sure the container is tightly closed when not in use. Store the container below 25 Degrees Celsius and in an upright position. Use before the expiry date which is printed on the label and discard remaining solution 6 months after opening, Do not sure with heat (thermal) disinfection. Don’t use the solution if the security seal is broken as this seal ensures freshness.


I have worn soft monthly lenses now for 5 years and I have to say that I would fully recommend this product to anyone. I have never had a problem with it in 5 years. Every person’s eyes are different so it may not agree with everyone or the type of lenses you are using. The solution stores my contacts and they are fresh and clean. It keeps them moist so my eyes feel refreshed when I put the contacts in. I like the way I get a nice small case which you can differentiate between the right and left. Plus the fact there is a dropper on the bottle as it means I can get the solution into the case with minimal spillage. Also when I am cleaning my contacts I can direct the solution, so it is going directly onto the lens making as little amount of mess and spillage as possible.

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