What is Malware And How to Protect Your Identity Free

Everyone these days seems to be getting a virus, a Trojan, even spyware and a multitude of odd sounding things in they’re computers, but what do all these things have in common?

They all try to steal information from you in one way or another you’re credit card number, you’re address, you’re identity. All these “things” have a name and that name is Malware.
Many people are not even aware they have malware on they’re computer because the majority of viruses, trojans and spyware are actually packed (attached) to an innocent looking piece of software
that works perfectly fine and the second it is run it functions the way its supposed to but the malware that was hidden is also run hidden without you noticing, without a disturbance.
Before I go any further I will explain what these 3 pieces of malware really do.

  • Virus – The virus is a very versatile piece of software which can destroy data on you’re hard drive, copy and send data to a remote source, and it can even turn you’re computer off.


  • Trojan – The trojan’s job is to infiltrate a computer and execute a piece of code which will allow the creator of the software to be able to enter at any moment he wants in you’re computer and even use it for illegal purposes without you knowing


  • Spyware – Doesn’t really do much to harm you but it collects you’re surfing habits and sends them to whoever created it without you’re consent

You are probably wondering, “How in the world will I know if there is something in the software I just downloaded? and how can I remove it?”.
Well there are plenty of free solutions for removing everything that is harmful or collecting information about you without you’re consent. Some of you may think that you are safe just because you purchased the latest anti virus software that was over 50$.

Well you are just as safe as someone using free anti virus software due to the fact that anti virus software uses signatures to identify viruses, free software is made by companies that also offer premium software thus they have the same signatures in their free versions that are also in the expensive version they offer, one such anti virus is Avast Anti virus.

The first type of protection every computer should have is an anti virus this protects your computer from viruses but most of the time that’s it. Anti virus software is not specialized to remove much of anything else other than viruses but there a much nastier things on the internet lurking around other than viruses.

One such specialized tool is named Malware bytes which can be downloaded at:




Malware bytes is a specialized tool made for the removal of viruses, trojans, and spyware and it is also free.

After downloading and installing the free software it should have downloaded the latest signatures to identify the things stated earlier. If you want to make sure you have the latest signatures click on the update TAB and click check for updates if one is found it will automatically download it and install it and you are set.

Once you have the latest signatures click on the scanner TAB and you will see Perform Quick Scan and Perform Full Scan and finally Perform Flash Scan. The only ones we need to worry about are the first 2 if you know there is something wrong with your computer because its slowed down or other signs then use Perform Full Scan to scan every file in the computer, if you you are just performing a daily, weekly scan or maybe you don’t have time for full scan then click Perform Quick Scan, after clicking scan a pop up with drives will come up we are concerned at this point with your main drive C so just click Scan and it may take a little while but it will find and terminate any malignant software on your computer and again its free it can remove, Spyware, viruses, and Trojans and other types of Malware. After it finishes scanning a word pad note will pop up just close it and the program will show you what it found and what it is going to do to remove them.

Now to protect your identity. When you buy something online the website sometimes saves the information you submitted in a folder and hackers use this to their advantage to steal information, also companies purposefully take advantage of this and use the folder to implant it with information that tracks your internet habits without consent.

To empty the folder containing sensitive information and anything that could be tracking your browser you must download a free software named CCLEANER from:


Once installed you will see small check marks make sure to check all of them except for the ones in advanced also make sure to check all the ones in the other tab named applications once you are done click analyze and it will scan everything and in the folder and clear the history for a variety of applications that keep sensitive information.

Once its done scanning it will show you a list of what it found and how much it found, just click run cleaner and a pop-up may come up warning about deleting files just accept and now your identity and your information is safe because there’s nothing to be stolen now. You save money and protect your identity for free don’t fall for tricks from companies asking for 20$ to speed up your PC or remove a virus as ccleaner does everything they state except for removing Malware which is done by malware bytes.

Now your identity is safe and you are sure your computer is secure and uncompromisable and best of all you saved money and it was free and easy.




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