How To Get An Adsense Account Approved Quickly

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Monetize Your Blog – Google loves their blogspot blogs and about 70 percentage of people have got their adsense account by monetizing their blog. You just need to click on the monetize tab in the blog dashboard and then you will be redirected to the adsense form . Once you fill up the form click the submit button . Now you have nothing to do but to wait if you are in U.S then it may be approved in two days but if you are from asian countries like India and China then it can may take weeks to get an adsense account approved. Just ensure your blog has enough content to satisfy Google . Your blog posts must also be original so write at least 10 unique and keyword rich article to get an adsense account.

Use Hubpages – Google loves hubpages so the best way to get an adsense id approved is through writing for hubpages. If you are writing for hubpages then your hubpage’s profile becomes your website url .and as hubpages is trusted by google the chances of getting an account through it is quite a possibility. Just ensure you have 4 to 5 approved hubs before applying to adsense program.

Use Content Sites With Adsense Integration – User generated content sites like infobarrel and xomba can also be used to get an adsense account . You just need to use the profile page as your website url . The process is same as for hubpages but if you are applying for a new adsense account then prefer hubpages rather than xomba and infobarrel.

Be patient when applying for adsense account and if rejected try again and again till you get an account . So good luck for that !

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