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Pasteurized milk contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms – found Research Center of Independent Consumer Expertise. Each of us is your favorite dairy products. Yogurt, cheese, butter or, actually, milk. If you drink a liter of milk daily, the body receives a full set of standards of calcium and phosphorus, 53% protein standards and 35% of vitamins A and C. The most useful, of course, fresh milk “just from the cow. It has a strong bactericidal effect, but can store up to 24 hours. All milk sold in stores is cooked, which helps keep product at much longer time. But keep pasteurized milk all useful properties?
To investigate the quality of pasteurized milk Ukrainian, Center for Independent Consumer Expertise chosen to test fat milk with 2.5% of these popular brands: Prostokvashino “,” Galakton “,” Slov’yanochka “,” Dobrinja “,” Funny milkman “,” Hurmanka “and” Everyday. ” In addition to product quality and production technology, experts pointed to the package, as something “simpler” packaging, the less milk may be stored.
As it turned out, half milk brands tested had problems in microbiology, and in some flavor of milk was not quite “milk”.
The Center noted that it is almost impossible to save the milk “Slov’yanochka, sold in a soft bag, milk and trademark” Galakton, packing something which is not closed after it opened. If you are not going to use all the milk at once, you better buy it in the bottle, the greater the difference in price of milk in bags and bottles almost there.

Further milk storage greatly affects its quality. For example, a manufacturer of milk produced in compliance with all sanitary standards and strict control of cooking. But then the product goes into commercial networks, which control the storage conditions are not so carefully. If brought by milk producers in a timely manner not place in the refrigerator and just leave the middle-floor of an hour-second, then care manufacturers can quickly go away. Many of the tested samples of milk do not meet microbiological standards ISO, from whose fault is unknown. However, it does not matter to buyers know who to blame, it is important to buy quality product.
Exploring compliance pasteurized milk microbiological State Standards, experts TSNPE tested it on MAFAM (number of microorganisms in the product) and BHKP – Escherichia Coli bacteria group. According to a research laboratory, excess of GATS pa MAFAM was found in milk “Hurmanka”, “Daily” and “Prostokvashino. A group of bacteria Escherichia Coli in milk recorded marks “Daily”, “Prostokvashino”, “Galakton” and “Slov’yanochka. The content of bacteria in the milk of these brands is not enough to cause food poisoning, but evidence of inferior quality. No comments left only two samples of milk – “Dobrinja” and “Funny milkman.
“Dobrinja” and “Galakton”, “Prostokvashino”, “Slov’yanochka”, “daily” were comments about the flavor – Milk makes these little strange odor or smell pasteurization.
Regarding prices, the cheapest brand milk is “Slov’yanochka – 0.44 USD. per 100 grams, and most expensive – Funny milkman – 0.54 USD. per 100 grams.


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