50 Cute Words to Put in Your Baby Scrapbook

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50 Cute Words To Put In Your Baby Scrapbook

Decorate your baby scrapbook with these cute words!  There is nothing more special than a scrapbook filled with journalledmemories, sayings, poems and verses.  Put lots of baby pictures and fill it in with as many milestones as possible.  When your child grows up, this baby scrapbook will be your most wonderful gift to him/her.

1. adorable
2. sunshine
3. pebbles
4. honey
5. cute
6. funny
7. love
8. memorable
9. memories
10. kisses
11. hugs
12. honey bear
13. giggles
14. angel
15. buttons
16. snuggle
17. buttercup
18. rainbow
19. heart
20. ladybug
21. fairy
22. bubbles
23. sprinkles
24. munchkin
25. cupcakes
26. fun
27. doll
28. dimples
29. joy
30. sweetie
31. forever
32. princess
33. prince
34. gem
35. treasure
36. butterflies
37. candy cane
38. delightful
39. precious
40. cutie pie
41. jewel
42. sweet dreams
43. miracle
44. diaper
45. special
46. pretty
47. charming
48. little one
49. welcome
50. bundle of joy

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