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The epidemic of so-called swine flu, or A/N1/N1, collapsed on us from the clouds. Although the spring experts warned of a possible outbreak of a dangerous viral infection with the onset of a new epidemic season. But European experts in August predicted a significant increase in infected strain A/N1/N1. But even Thursday night we lay down, knowing that no epidemic in Ukraine there, and woke up already “in the global zone so-called pandemic influenza California, previously called pork. At least the situation described the Minister of Health of Ukraine Kniazevych. From the evening on all TV channels sounded one and the same information – no epidemic, the virus has not yet identified, test results will be next week. And we should believe this. Hardly anything has changed dramatically overnight, but the position of the ministry, of course. And again we should believe him.

In this extreme situation is rapidly spreading not only information but also the panic that can push people to the various uninformed and sometimes dangerous actions. Self – one of them. And no matter how assured the minister: the cause of death that people are treated later in hospital statistics fatalities have evidence for itself – it is still not verified diagnoses victims. How and why were treated in this case?

The list of three regions, where the epidemic is raging in October, added new – Rivne, Volyn and Zhytomyr, some sources call and Transcarpathia. On Friday, when verstavsya number, it was known that in the Western region died of pneumonia 34 persons, among them two children and a doctor who is in contact with patients. Later it was information that the victims had 37, to refine the data, including not one but four doctors. In the Lviv region that viruses attacked one of the first order in Imperative decided to connect the medical students – they will work with patients at home. I wonder if officials have the right to do? And if they take care of personal protective equipment for them? And that can make these children, if doctors with extensive experience nervous hands are raised – with pneumonia so they were not previously the case. Autumn really increases the incidence of upper respiratory tract, but fatalities have rarely record – one or two a month, and here comes the expense of victims already in the tens. Man comes in his feet chamber, and a few hours in the lungs come irreversible phenomenon.

Infectiologists and virologists of the National Medical University. Bogomolets that ZN asked to comment on the situation, first noticed in the course of atypical pneumonia – too short time passes from the first manifestations of sickness – runny nose, scraping in the throat, cough – to membranous inflammation and pulmonary edema. Our sources in the Ministry of Health reported that in the capital is already the first victim of pneumonia, but the statistics make it so “not recommended” flash in Kiev predict in 7-10 days.

What patients and treated as if in the capital since July last year not to finance the budget, allocated for the purchase of medicines, disinfectants, personal protective equipment for the medical staff? Bed linen, towels, bathrobes, etc. where no wash and no money to – like hospitals vykruchuyutsya who can. About epidrezhym which can speak in such a situation? And here as the recommendations of Health, which claims that can be saved from infection if you sneeze correctly – in the sleeve, such as washing hands frequently with soap and water, carry wet cleaning indoors.

Bit better drug provision and in regions that have experienced stroke epidemic. Lvovyane reported that antibiotics are still the strength of two to three days. In Ternopil all complain that even elementary mask can not be purchased at pharmacies, not to mention the antiviral ointment, which experts believe truly effective.

On the one hand, one can only welcome the decision of the quarantine authorities, including in schools. However, charging students to clean dormitories, thus created a new problem. Children went home, but it is possible that after them set forward and agents of pneumonia, which can not recognize in our laboratories. What will the students when they start to get sick at home, in the villages where there is not only clinics, and even health posts? Tips Minister-demand to see a doctor at the first symptoms will be very difficult to do. And if in regional hospitals still do not know (or hide) accurate diagnosis, then that can write to the card in some outpatient appointments or even CRH? Treated for an eye – will take the symptoms of ARI, and then rozvodytymut hands – does not work! Today, as never before, especially painful hit our lack of affordable and quality primary meddopomohy and almost complete paralysis of laboratory and diagnostic services.

Not completely clear why the Ministry did not turn in European laboratories before – since the epidemic began in early October, but then, according to one deputy minister, and was first recorded death.

About diagnoses argue all these days, but there is no clear answer from a reputable laboratory – everything is just speculation. Thursday, October 29, at a Cabinet meeting of Knyazevich said that the results will be next week, but the following day, October 30, there were data indicating that some patients were found swine influenza, while others – no . What then caused the pneumonia?

Today, concerned and confused not only patients but also doctors – still do not know what actually caused the epidemic and the death of so many people. How and how to treat such situations those who call for medical help? ..

We have several versions of events, but without a verified diagnosis – is still only speculation. It remains one – await the findings of the laboratory, whose authority is not susceptible to doubt and take them into account in developing strategy and tactics to combat the epidemic. Clinicians argue: to identify a virus, really need a lot of time – sometimes two or three weeks. But our situation is like death – Chernivtsi say doctors, a young patient from pneumonia literally burned for two hours.

Yesterday at an extraordinary government meeting on the epidemic was announced the following information. As of October 29, the number of patients was about 40 thousand, 3.5 thousand of them children. 30 people died. Total 951 person hospitalized, including 497 children. Over the last 10 days the situation is particularly exacerbated in the Ternopil region, where about 30 000 registered patients. Wary that the disease pidkoshuye mostly young working-age population. Age most of those who died – from 20 to 50 years, also failed to save two children. Epidprotsesu feature is its rapid spread through the territory. Cases have been recorded in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Transcarpathian and Kiev regions. Another disturbing feature – a rapid course from onset to development of atypical pneumonia, which is very difficult to treat.

Guide Ministry of Health in materials prepared for the Cabinet says that “serious consequences in case of infection warned in the spring. In late April the government passed an order which stipulated a centralized procurement of medicines, test kits, personal protective equipment and disinfectants, laboratory equipment.

Is it time to ask: how and where used money allocated to the fight against swine flu? Back in April it was decided to allocate USD 50 million from the state budget for measures to combat the epidemic. Judging from the information they were selected not only on paper – were held in the summer of tenders, purchases went. But even today, at the height of the epidemic in some areas, you will not find on official sites – where and what the money was spent. Maybe because they traditionally spent for our country – by The scheme. First, there was no choice – decided that everything – from test systems for laboratory and medical equipment – would be better to buy one participant. Not utochnyuvatymemo – for whom. That’s competent authorities. For existing ZN data, the General Prosecutor’s Office received the information, and now finds out whom and for whom prescribed under such schemes. Second, good intentions to spend a couple million on the purchase of test systems for influenza – is not only seasonal, but primarily A/H1N1, turned to put it mildly, disconcerted. Our sources in the Ministry of Health reported that the tender strangely won firm that does not produce test systems for health protection. They say officials who have blessed this agreement, and most surprised to learn about this “secret” manufacturer. By the way, we would like, they say, to hear first hand how it was allocated 50 million used, and called the First Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Alexander Bilovol. However, after hearing “Mirror of the week, he evaded the answer, citing the press conference, but then he did not hold it.

Apparently, so was used not only funds designated for the purchase of test systems. Today turned out that even in metropolitan pharmacies no disposable bandages and masks, ointments oksolinovoyi which very effectively prevents the penetration of infection into the body. (By the way, the Minister of Knyazevich a briefing on October 30 Ministry of Health said that Ukraine provided antiviral drugs in full.) And only when, as they say, thunder struck, the Ministry of Health vzyalosya for enhancing anti regimes and develop measures to minimize the epidemic. Actually, they could sue to do it before? On purchase 15.5 million doses of a vaccine to prevent pandemic flu “is it about? And how effectively carry out vaccination against seasonal influenza during the epidemic?

Until recently, experts recommended sanepidsluzhby make vaccines against influenza, especially not clarify to whom – or so-called seasonal swine. Against the latter we have no vaccine, and advised that a little vague – colitis one that is, but it helps. L’doctors categorically opposed to vaccination, considering that in this situation is finally “shall slay” immunity. Scientists also believe that vaccination during the epidemic – not just a mistake and a crime. While all agree that the most acceptable means of strengthening the traditional immunity remains: – Honey, Raspberry, Cranberry, onion, garlic. By the way, our grandmothers grandchildren very successfully treated with herbal tea and adults on a table set with grated horseradish beet – it contains 20 times more vitamin C than a lemon. Medicines recommended to take still under doctor’s supervision – not to harm.


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