Rock Music as a Sociocultural Phenomenon And Its Place in Modern Art Arts

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Violent social development of the second half
Twentieth century. That occurred in the world and the former Soviet space,
caused a number of problems of social and cultural, aesthetic, musical meanings.
The emergence of new cultural substance – rock music – could not
not affect the processes of how cultural and artistic life, so
and political. The question of relations of music and youth face today
ever more urgent, because the latter in its most preferred
rock music. In general, art criticism and special Musicology
Studies on the history and theory of rock music not so much. The existing
works available overall picture of the development of youth music, but
urahuvan without specific time, social conditions, and often
No cultural analysis of the new constants – rock culture. Except
that, in most publications of the Soviet period felt ideological
zabarvlenist similar processes.

Analysis of recent research and publications. In art
and the listener is given a considerable literature studying problems
rock music, youth culture, socio-cultural influences and so on. Special
value to the development have affected labor A. Kozlov,
Orlov, I. Hizhnyaka, I. Nabokov, O. Feofanova and many other
researchers. Analysis of historical processes, identifying specific
patterns of youth music provided accurate
culturological situation. The history of rock culture at one time considered
V. Bondarenko, Yuri Drozdov, A. Baychorov, G. Zabrodin, B. Aleksandrov,
A. Kozlov, SV Korotkov, AN Feofanova, K. Myalo and others. Of rise
and development of national youth music paid attention Zhytynskyy A.,
A. Zapesotskyy, A. Troitsky, M. Sarkytov, J. Bozhko, Smirnov and others.

Solved earlier part of the problem. Today accumulated a large enough
material, which investigates the origin, source base rock music, some
relationship problems parents and children from the perspective of youth music.
However, disclosure of the specifics necessary to fully functioning
rock music, particularly within the culture.

The urgency to address the development of rock music caused
desire to conduct systematic research problems:
justify the emergence of youth subcultures as a spiritual paradigm
second half of the twentieth century.

The object of study we see problems of rock music,
its features, aesthetic preferences, priorities in the new cultural
conditions. Subject of the research is rock music as a sociocultural phenomenon.

The practical significance is that the content of this article may
used to develop courses of lectures on the history of pop music,
courses with pop-jazz music, theory and history
Variety performance in scientific practice at research problems
musical culture, listener-critical studies
cultural and educational activities.
Problems “parents and children” have always been and will stand before
society. Solving these problems never took place smoothly.
I really need a kind of “risk group”, which would have dealt with this or
innovations. Often such a group serves youth, especially in our case.

If the culture of society there is something essentially new – a new can
immediately be taken immediately by all members of society, become immediately
zahalnoznachuschym. Take some time to test innovations and needs
“Risk” that her check. Progress is impossible without society
such a struggle, during which viable innovations discarded, valuable –
taken by the society.

Having a challenge to society, “Young rebellion” put not only the field
political and social, but also the intangible. The situation changed dramatically
on the verge of 1970 – 1980’s, when the behavior of young people were all clearly
exude new features that are not concluded within certain reflation.
The unusual lifestyle of children is a special joy to their vselyav
parents. Some young people demonstrated unwillingness to comply
double standards of senior lifestyles, they would not play games
adults and returning back to society, find meaning of life
in the same nelyubymiy older rock music.

Some adults were inclined to lay blame rock music for all
“Sins” of modern youth. Rock suddenly became a symbol generation
became the ancestor of completely new music. Despite protests
elders in the mid 1950’s rock and roll has won the sympathy of young
not only in the United States, but far beyond.

Creating music, man carries the aesthetic understanding of reality.
Giving preference to those or other works, people form and express
in the form of indirect value to the world. Thus,
controversy about music is, indeed, debate about human
values in the widest sense.

At various times different youth fascinated with music. Moreover, very
diverse musical interests and a young generation. But there is obviously
and many general perception of music in the same youth. “Audience
at rock concerts, listening to music with other laws of perception, emotional
different. Development is, rather, under the laws of the emotional impact
on the audience than the laws of development and creation of a complete musical
form. This is youth music, her style is designed to severe emotional
impact “, – wrote in the magazine” peers “composer A. Petrov
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