Free Cute Baby Graphics, Clipart And Images

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FREE Cute Baby Graphics, Clipart and Images

Hi!  Here are baby graphics and clipart that you can use for your baby scrapbook or crafts. I own copyright to these images.  You can use them free for your personal creations and projects.

There are many beautiful things you can create out of cute graphics and clipart.  For example, you can make your own greeting cards to give to your friends and family.  You can make either hand-made greeting cards or digital greeting cards.  It is a lot of fun!

Here’s a great short-cut gift idea:  If you want the easiest memorable gift to give to somebody, simply copy the image and paste it into your email.  Then write your greetings and send away!  It only takes a few minutes to make a gift like this and you know what?  It’s very memorable!

You can also make gift tags using these baby images. 

Have fun with your project, and enjoy using these free baby graphics, clipart/images.  Just right click on the baby image, then save it into your computer.  Or you can simply copy and paste.

Here is an image of a cute, peaceful and sleeping baby.

This is another image of a sleeping baby, so sweet and cute!

This is an image of a sitting baby, looking full of mischief.

Here is an image of a standing baby.

And here’s an image of a baby sitting peacefully with a teddy bear.

This graphic is a baby wearing a cute bunny costume.

Hope you enjoyed these free baby graphics!

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