Simple Ways How to Double Your Bukisa Earnings

You write an article and drive more traffic to your article url and you will get paid. But while many writers are struggling hard to earn $1.00 per day, some expert writers have already enjoyed $10 a day from bukisa. Let me share with you some tips how to double your bukisa earnings. I’m sure you will see a difference.

1. To increase Bukisa income all you must do is increase the number of view thrus you receive. After submit an article, you must do is submit at digg[dot]com. Example, you write a hot article, like hot news and submit your article url at digg[dot]com. Instantly you will get digg effect mean more traffic to your url.

2. Write about you know. Don’t write an opinion because people search a fact.

3. Get more traffic to your article with your blog. Remember, dont write your article at your blog, but write a description about your article and put your article link to get more traffic.

4. Spread your refferal link to get refferal or downline, and you will get more cash.

5. Article walking, spread your comment but don’t spam. This step like blog walking.

6. Get more friends. Bukisa like social network, so you can get more friends, because I think more friend = more money.

7. Make your article “interesting” with insert a image or thumbnail into your article.

8. See a difference

Happy writing !!!

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