Can't Golf But Who Cares… Gift Basket

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We still have a few good months left to hit the golf course… not that it really appeals to me unfortunately. Odd, how your parents can be addicted, but the love of the game is not passed on to their kids! Anyway, lets look at the steps that you will need to take to put together an amazing gift basket to give to someone on your gift list that actually loves the game. What could you include in such a basket to keep it from being boring??

Actually I came up with this idea because of my daughter and my husband. Neither one of them really like game. Well, they don’t like the rules. As far as they are concerned, they are there to have fun… nothing more and nothing less. So, here are a list of items that would appeal to them. If they get to “play” for a couple of hours, that’s good to. My daughter’s idea of playing golf is to see how far she can throw the golf ball. Yes, she plays a lot of soft ball. 😉

So what could go into this basket? Oh you would be amazed at the interesting little items that would fit this theme. Just be sure that you give yourself enough time to really find unique items. And you just never know where you are going to find them, so be ready.

There are lots of ways to package this basket. I have even written an article on the different types of baskets you could use. They can be found here. They range anywhere from a garbage can to a frying pan!

But to help you get started, I’m going to give you a list. Read it over and see if anything would appeal to “your friend” and then copy the items onto a sheet of paper and tuck it into your handbag. Every time you go shopping, read over the list to refresh your mind. But don’t be surprised if you find items that aren’t on the list. That’s half the fun of putting together a gift basket! And you will have fun!

Today’s Gift Basket: Can’t Golf But Who Cares Gift Basket

*potato chips



(actually give them anything to snack on and they are happy… but lets think about those people who really do like the game. What would they want??

*new golf balls

*IOU… to be the golf caddy for the day

*bag of candy to tuck into the golf bag.

*gift certificate to a local golf course

*video about golf

*golf lessons from a pro

*golf towel

*score Keeper

*Mini Golf Course

*golf shirt

*chocolate… because everyone loves the stuff!

*golf poster or framed print

*golf key ring

If you can think of any other items to go into the basket… just add away!

Be sure to tie off the top with a ribbon and then make a funny card to go along with your Gift Basket. Or you could wrap the entire “basket” in cellophane so that your basket follows a more traditional style.

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