Cute Adorable Little Animal Carrying a Deadly Disease

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This is a true story.

I was sitting here staring out the window listening to our puppy outside barking when I caught sight of a white line bouncing around our yard. How cute I thought as I saw that it was a baby squirrel. I watched it bounce around our yard for a few minutes. The puppy was barking jumping around and the little squirrel seemed very agitated by his barking. The squirrel came closer and went under our children’s trampoline.

The trampoline is directly under my window and being curious at why the squirrel seemed so brave I got up and went outside. I stepped over my four kittens that were sunning on our steps and went over to the trampoline and under it the squirrel was crouching down as if ready to attack. I called my husband to the door and said look how cute and brave this little baby squirrel is.

Our puppy was barking jumping backwards and forward trying to get my attention unaware of the crouching squirrel. suddenly the baby squirrel grew fangs and claws and he jumped at our puppy and I stood there in shock at the monster this cute little squirrel turned into. The squirrel bounced off our dog and tried to run away and one of our kittens dove off the steps and downed the squirrel . My husband took a stick and quickly killed the squirrel. This is a true story I was just kidding about the fangs and claws but the shock was just as dramatic.

Animal control came out and took the squirrel to test it for rabies. I am still in shock ,and I can’t shake the images of squirrels attacking from the woods around us and fear is so predominate. I am almost afraid to step out in our yard. I was thinking that if rodents start getting rabies then all mankind would be in danger. How could you protect yourself?

Rabies (hydrophobia ) is an acute viral infection of the nervous system. Primarily effects animals but if bitten or licked over a break in the skin a human can contract rabies. I travels to the brain causing inflammation causing delirium, painful muscle spasms in the throat, and other severe symptoms. Human rabies are usually fatal. The incubation period between the bite and appearance of symptoms is four to eight weeks. The initial symptoms are low grade fever, headache, loss of appetite, restlessness, hyperactivity, disorientation,and sometimes seizures. With the intense thirst come violent painful spasm in the throat. Eye and facial muscles may become paralyzed.Coma and death follow 3 to 20 days after onset of symptoms.

Prevention of this disease is the key. Keep all animals vaccinated.If bitten capture the animal or if animal is killed call animal control to exam the animals brain. If treatment is started within two days of a bite rabies onset can be stopped.After 5 days if no symptoms are found in the animal the treatment on a human can be stopped.



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