Rename Teachbook Demand Facebook

Being number one social networking seems to make Facebook into too worried about his position. 
The proof, social networking, with more than half of a billion users, the recently demanding a special website community of faculty, Teachbook, to rename them. 
As quoted from the Wired site, Facebook asked not to use Teachbook-frills “book” for their names. Though, as a startup company, Teachbook even officially not launched yet. 
According to Facebook, the term ‘book’ should not be used for social networking site. The site is headquartered in Palo Alto California had claimed that a famous name Teachbook could undermine or cause confusion to internet users on the Facebook site. 
According to Shrader, Facebook, to Teachbook demands is extremely exaggerated. “They (Facebook) is a mosquito killer. They believe we will continue to evolve so that they feel the need to have the term ‘book'” said Shrader. 
However, it looks like Facebook is not just a social networking site targeting the sound of his name with something like Facebook. Before this, May and Facebook also contact a special site called Placebook travel and ask them to change its name. 
“Facebook considers unacceptable Placebook name. They argued that the name is very similar. So even though our site does not have a social component, we have no right to use the word” book “as a suffix” said Michael Rubin, CEO Placebook, on his company blog. 
However, Rubin explained, they will not fight. “As a startup we are not at a position to fight, so we replace our names” said Rubin. 
Placebook now been renamed TripTrace. However, Rubin et al remains to identify them as Placebook. They also make a video contains a humorous satire about how the way they respond to the demands of a giant like Facebook.

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