Best Way How to Improve Concentration

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When you feel the power of concentration weakened, try some advice from management consultants from the United States, Robert J. Lumsden which he wrote in the book 23 Steps to Success and Achievement:

– First, do everything you can to attempt to prevent interference. Studying in the lounge, where a radio or TV turned on or someone else was talking, it will not help. Look for a special room with ventilation, lighting, and adequate warmth.

– When you start, rejects the temptation to dream about the past or future. Do not let your eyes looked around, but keep it led to a job. You will be helped by writing notes or drawing sketches relevant to the subject you are facing.

– One enemy concentration is boredom. Caution You cannot fly anywhere for watching movies or while reading a gripping novel. Boredom it easy to sneak in when you work too long. Therefore, limit the time to study for one hour, then rested for ten minutes and do something different.

– Set time limits. Set yourself a burden or a decent amount of work you do in one hour, one week or a month. By providing a challenge to yourself, you have to get help to regulate emotions. Your self-worth that is developed will also continue to encourage you.

– The last enemy of concentration is the attitude of relenting. Do not ever think negative like “I will never prevail against it”. Your brain is more capable and competent than you think. The brain will rise because demand is more severe. Believe in the power of your own. Approached the work with courage.


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