Common Mistakes That Sales People Make

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Sales is something that comes naturally to some people. But some of us need to work hard at improving our sales skills. There are tons of guides out there when it comes to being a successful sales person, but something that is just as important is to be aware of all the common mistakes that sales people make, so you know how to avoid them yourself!

Some very common sales mistakes, all over the world, include:

  1. Letting the customer take the lead.

As a sales person, you want to be the one leading the customer, not the other way around. By being in charge and asking the customer questions, instead of doing it the other way around, you will also be able to learn more about the likes and dislikes of the customer, as well as about their needs, which is something you might be able to use later on, with other customers.

  1. Not being prepared.

A good salesperson is one who knows all the answers, since this makes the buyer feel secure and happy with their choice. This means you must always make sure that you know your product inside out, including all the small details. If you don’t, spend some time learning about these things, since it will quickly improve your sales! It WILL be worth it!

  1. Not asking the customer if they want to buy.

The customer might need an extra push at the end of the sales pitch. Always make sure you ask, flat out, if the customer wants to buy or not. How else will you know? Subtle signals do not work with all customers!

  1. Talking too much.

Some sales people talk too much, this is by far one of the most common mistakes in sales. Nobody wants to listen to a very long sales pitch, so make sure you tell the buyer the most relevant things, and then let them ask. This will also tell you more about their taste and needs, which will make it easier to know what to focus on.

The same sales pitch rarely works on everyone! So make sure you personalize yours! 


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