How to Set Goals That Are Meaningful

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In order to achieve what we want in life, it is important to set goals, and to have a plan for how we want to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Goals can be set for our career, for our business, for our personal life or for our family, it all depends on what your priorities are.

In order to set goals that are meaningful for you, you need to start by identifying the goals you have for your life. What is it that you want to accomplish?

Try to make the goal, or the goals you have as specific as possible. If that is hard, you can start by making a larger goal, and then dividing the goal into smaller parts. This is important, because otherwise you will have no idea of knowing if you have reached your goal/goals or not.

After that, you need to ask yourself why you want to achieve the goal that you want to get to. This is important, because this is the only way you can know that the goals you are setting are meaningful, and you can also look back at this list later, if you need to get motivated after a while.

So correctly identifying goals, and having good reasons for those goals is the key and the basis of setting meaningful goals.

After this, you need to set a deadline for each goal. The deadline does not have to be the same for all goals, if you have more than one goal.

Also, many people find it very helpful to try to visualize the goals that they are setting. How will the reality look or feel once you have reached the goal, in order for you to feel satisfied? Will something important still be missing when you reach the goal? (If so, you might want to consider adding another goal for yourself)

While it is good to dream and have visions that are a bit out there, you must make sure that your goals are realistic, since having goals that cannot be achieved will only make you feel like you have failed, and it might even prevent you from trying new things in the future.

If you are not sure if a goal is realistic or not, ask your friends and family. They might see the situation differently, and might be able to give you helpful advice. Just make sure you are not asking the most negative people you have around you!


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