Bach Remedy Essences: Understanding Nature

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Nature’s role in healing is not just a distillation of its products but also the power of its presence, which has an innate intelligence that can be contacted if approached in the right way. This begins with a simple love and respect for nature and above all, gratitude, which ought to be a natural thing because without food and oxygen it would not be possible to live. Unfortunately, many have become so divorced from nature that they have creased to appreciate it.

From the essential foundation of gratitude comes a natural opening out to nature. Notice how your mind is behaving during a quiet walk in the woods; where is it actually focused? Probably towards yourself, and the endless thoughts that go round and round your head. Still the mind and let the consciousness go outward, look at everything, enjoy the light and air, and appreciate the beauty of nature, whatever the season.

No matter how tired and stressed your system has become, nature’s restorative powers can relax and calm, provided your heart and mind are receptive. Go for a walk in your bare feet, lean against a tree and look up through the leaves, lie down on the grass. These activities will allow nature’s power to be absorbed more fully, and a sense of joy and oneness will be embraced and retained.

Focusing in minute detail on the structure of plants can enhance this experience of joy; the closer you look and the more appreciative attention you pay to nature, the more it is able to sue this link to give back its healing energies. Many essence makers state that it is possible to hear the plants speak, but whatever your experience may be, just enjoy attuning with the energy of nature and allow it to improve your sense of wellbeing.

This continuing development of a strong connection with nature makes it easier to understand the healing gift of flower essences and is supportive to their preparation. Many producers now believe the energetic presence of the essence maker, thought of as the fifth element or spirit, is as essential to the process as the flowers themselves, in addition to the four elements of nature.

The essence maker is cocreating with nature, which is an exciting prospect. It is important to remember and reflect that the quality of an essence is not only dependent on the number of flowers, the location, fresh water and so on, but also on the respectful and reverent state of mind of the maker.

Protecting Nature

Out of a need to preserve and respect nature, most countries have policies restricting the picking of wild flowers, certainly of the rarer species. It is therefore advisable to check, perhaps at a local library, what rules apply before gathering flowers to make an essence. Essence makers also consider its respectful to seek permission to pick from the owner of the chosen site, and may go to considerable effort to get it.

This provides additional protection, as it is not usually illegal to pick most common wild flowers on private land. Only a very small number of flowers are picked to make an essence, and this does not damage the plant. In many cases it will stimulate the plant to create more flowers, and therefore more seeds, which is ultimately beneficial.


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