Advantages of Travelling in The Off-Peak Seasons

 If you love travelling, you probably already know that the costs of travelling add up fast. But there is something clever you can do in order to keep the costs down, and that is to travel during the off-peak seasons.

Travelling in the off-peak seasons have a lot of advantages:

  1. Airfare is cheaper

  2. Accommodation is cheaper and also easier to get on short notice.

  3. Some restaurants might be cheaper, so eating out gets cheaper too.

  4. The destination you go to will be less crowded.

  5. There will be less beggars, sellers and other people who bother you while you are there, since these people mostly tend to come to touristy areas during the peaks of the tourist season.

  6. Many cultural events for the locals are held during off-peak seasons, while real and genuine events can be harder to find during the peak seasons. Examples of this is operas and other concerts that are held in Europe during the winter, while most locals in Spain or France tend to flee their homes when they know that the tourists are coming, so if you visit Spain or France in the summer, you might only be able to find events specifically designed for tourists.

What you need to keep in mind if you are considering travelling in the off-peak seasons is that the off-peak seasons are not the same all over the world. Summer and spring are usually the most popular tourist seasons all over the world, but while Europe and North America have spring and summer during May, June, July and August, places like Australia or the south of South America have summer during December, January and February.

Some places also get very touristy around specific holidays (the north of Finland has a huge tourist boom around Christmas, because they have a Santa Claus Land there, for instance).

So always read up on your destination in order to know when the peaks and off-peaks are in that specific location! 

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