Have a Different Trip And Experience Iceland – a Different Tourist Destination

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If you have already travelled a lot and experienced a lot, you might be looking for a different tourist destination, and I know a perfect one: Iceland! You see, Iceland is really a different tourist destination, since you will have a chance to see and experience things you can’t see anywhere else there.

Iceland is a good tourist destination during both the summer and the winter, but the things you will do during your trip, might vary a bit depending on when you go.

Iceland in the winter is perfect for those who love cold weather, or – believe it or not – for honeymooners! Nothing can be more romantic than to cuddle up in a luxurious hotel room, in front of a fire, or to go into a hot pool of water in the middle of the snowy landscape together.

If you go in the summer though, Iceland is best suited for those who like to be active on their holiday. Some of the most popular activities in Iceland, for tourists and locals alike, are: hiking, bicycling, horse back riding, kayaking, sea rafting, golfing and fishing.

You can also go whale watching or experience the special landscape in other ways, but if you are planning to do something a bit more complicated, it is always best to get a guide to help you.

If you want to rent a bicycle or a car, it is very easy to do in Iceland, since a lot of tourists do this to be able to enjoy the whole island, and not just Reykjavik. It is also easy to find accommodation to suit all budgets in Iceland, especially in Reykjavik there are a lot of hotels in all price ranges.

If you like to bring stuff with you from your travels, the shopping in Reykjavik is great too! You can buy local products, as well as well known brands such as Hugo Boss and Max Mara for great prices. Just keep in mind that the shopping elsewhere in Iceland is pretty limited.

Even though the official language in Iceland is Icelandic, most of the locals speak very good English, so it is easy to get by.

So the next time you want to go to a place not all of your friends have already been: consider Iceland! You won’t regret it! 


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