How to Make Your Website or Blog More Popular

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A lot of people who did not use to have websites or blogs have them these days. More and more “regular people” are blogging and building websites, but not everyone knows enough about how to make a website or blog really popular.

If you also have this problem, and want to get more visitors, or more returning visitors to your blog or website, read these tips that will make your website more popular:

  1. Know your audience.

You need to be fully aware of who you want to read your website or blog. The more specific you can be, the better. Blogs that want to reach out to everyone are rarely successful, since most people enjoy reading about stuff they are interested in, instead of very general content.

So who do you think will read your blog or website? Is it men? Women? Old people? Young people? What do they like?

Ask yourself a lot of questions regarding your readers, in order to understand what makes them tick and return to your website, and adjust the content to that.

2. Learn who your competitors are.

This is especially important if you want to write about a topic that is very popular. Very popular subjects are hard for a newbie to deal with, so in order to have a chance, you need to see who you are up against, and learn from them.

Things that your competitors are doing, that work for them, should be a part of your website or blog as well, but always strive to be a bit better than the competition, and add things that they don’t have as well. This will make it easier for visitors to choose your website or blog instead of theirs, and this will probably make your blog more popular, since it will stand out.

3. Build links.

If nobody links to your website or blog, it won’t be visible in search engines, and nobody will know about it. So try as hard as you can to get links for your site, this will make all the difference!

4. Add something interactive.

People like it when they can participate. So try to think of some interactive elements to add to your blog or website, since this is one of the best ways to make your website more popular. What kind of interactive element you should have depends very much on what your site is about, but asking questions and participating in polls is something most people like on any type of site.

5. Add more content.

Do not forget about your website or blog even if people are not coming at first. It takes time to get a lot of visitors, but nobody will want to return to a website or blog that is never updated. So always keep your content fresh! 


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