Ten Commandments to Make Your City Better

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Urbanization is on the increase everywhere creating additional social-economic and health problems day by day. Concrete jungles of buildings are suffocating humanity, unable even to breathe. Overflowing garbage has become a familiar sight everywhere.

Trash has become the way of life for us. Be it a city footpath or a common place, trash is impossible to escape. The sense of common good is dying out, leaving the whole humanity in danger. Here are ten tips or commandments to save our cities from perishing.

Ten Commandments to protect our cities

1) Conserve water

Water scarcity is going to strangle the very existence of human beings. Conservation of water is the most important necessity of our times. Demand for potable water is increasing every day. Hence use water carefully without wasting it. Use minimum amount of water for washing and bathing. Teach children the importance of saving water. Use sprinklers for garden purpose.

2) Save energy

Power problem is serious in towns and cities. Whether it is home or office, conscious effort should be taken to save energy. In India, power shortage is very acute. Using washing machine with correct load, switching off the unused electric devices and lights, and other means to minimize the use of electricity should be followed.

3) Recycle all possible resources

Westernization in using materials in Indian cities has caused adding trash day by day. But the sense of their cleanliness is not followed in the town planning. Dumping garbage is spoiling the health as well as the normal life of every one. It is to be noted that hunger strikes are going on in some Indian cities just because of this garbage dumping! If they are recycled they can solve so many problems. Food waste also can be recycled into organic compost.

4) Change your buying habits

Encourage buying local products so that you get fresh and reliable things, especially vegetables and fruits. This will save unnecessary wastages.

5) Save paper

Paper is one of the essential products of our times. It can be saved by using emails and phone calls. Restricting paper usage will save millions of trees from being cut. Trees are necessary for protecting soil erosion and in getting rain.

6) Consume less

Sometime back, there was a remark from the past American President Bush that the Indians and the Chinese consume more food. It is true that fast food, changed food habits and consumerism are making Indian people eat more. Consuming more food is not going to solve health problems. Rather just eat the quantity of food, only necessary for your health.

7) Restrict the use of plastic bags

In the Indian cities, use of plastic bags is a great menace. When you go to the market carry a bag with you so that it avoids the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags are imperishable and cause unsolvable environmental problems.

8) Restrict driving

Petroleum emission is one of the leading causes of global warming and also uses up the world’s precious sources. Instead of using vehicles, walk whenever is possible to reach short distances. The kids can also make use of the carpool or the school bus.

9) Use fuel efficient things

Fuel is very essential. The stock of fuel is going down day by day. The car market is booming during these days with so many attractive promises. For vehicles and household things always give preference to less fuel consumption.

10) Reduce air travel

Executives of companies can reduce air travels to execute tasks that can be managed by phone or email so that it will be a much more carbon-friendly way of performing their tasks, saving the world from tones of carbon emission.

Go green to save your cities and towns and live a better life. These ten tips can be followed easily and provide a better life. Though some of these tips involve certain sacrifice, definitely they can yield good results. Where there is a will there is a way.


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