Bach Flower Therapy: Essences for Emergencies

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Five of the Bach essences are blended together to make a wonderful addition to a first aid kit, the most famous version of which is known as Dr Bach’s “Rescue Remedy”. This emergency formula has proved to be extremely helpful in a broad range of stressful situations, for people, animals and plants, and is many people’s first introduction to flower essence therapy. The five components of Rescue Remedy are:

Rock Rose terror and panic

Impatiens irritability, tension and pain

Cherry Plum fear of losing control, panic

Clematis faintness, unconsciousness, faraway feelings

Star of Bethlehem shock and panic

Some equivalent composite remedies are known as Five Flower Formula, Emergency Essence, Recovery Remedy, Calming Essence and RQ. Here, rather than referring to specific brands, Emergency Essence is used as a generic description. It can bring calm, and serenity, and quickly restore balance to the system. Keep some at home, at work, and in the car and always carry it with you for emergencies. If you are new to essences, t he Emergency Essence is ideal as an introduction. Use it before interviews, hospital appointments, visits to the doctor or dentist, operations and accidents, after major or minor arguments, when you are coping with difficult children, bad news, panic attacks, childbirth, stress at work, deadlines, performance nerves, or from grief and bereavement.

Dosage Instructions

– In case of emergencies, take 4 drops in a small glass of water and sip slowly until you are calm, If no liquid is available, take the drops directly on your tongue. Take every few minutes, as the effect is cumulative.

– When a difficult event is approaching, make up a dosage bottle. Add 4 drops of the Emergency Essence to a 30ml dropper bottle of spring water. Add 5ml brandy and shake well. Take doses four times a day. You can take up to ten doses the day before and one every ten minutes just before the event, if required.

– If things are stressful at home, put 100ml spring water in a plastic spray bottle, add 12 drops of the Emergency Essence and shake well. Add an essential oil such as Lavender for the calming effect and attractive perfume, and spray at will around the rooms twice a day.

– The Emergency Essences can be used as a single essence in a dosage bottle if you expect to be in an extreme situation for some time. Add 4 drops of the stock to the treatment bottle along with other chosen essences, if needed.

Using the Emergency Essence in Cream Form

This combination has proved excellent in cream form and has had excellent results in the relief of stings, bites, bruises, cuts, allergic reactions, aches or pains, rashes, burns, blisters and skin complaints. A wide range of Emergency Creams are available for purchase but it is just as easy to prepare your own if you have some liquid stocks.

Preparing your Own Cream

Add 10 drops of the Emergency Essence to 50g of a hypoallergenic base cream an mix. Alternatively, 3 drops of each of the five individual stocks can be used. Up to 4 drops of Lavender and/ or Tea Tree essential oil are useful healing additions. The addition of 3 drops of Crab Apple stock is helpful, particularly if the cream is prepared for soothing a skin complaint. Stir with a spoon or wooden stick, which can then be thrown away.

Instructions for using the Cream

– Apply immediately if possible. Bruises may not appear. Stings may come up, but can go down quickly depending on how much tissue damage has occurred. Cuts will heal quickly, as will blisters.

– Apply the cream every couple of minutes, as the body rapidly absorbs the healing energy of the essence. Continue for up to 15 minutes. If some discomfort remains treat every 15 minutes thereafter.

– If possible give the Emergency Essence internally in a liquid or on the tongue to aid the recovery process – the emotions are equally shocked by an external impact.

– If the cream is not available, pat liquid stock on the injury, which will work just as effectively.

Suggestion for Using Emergency Essence

– Dose ahead of time if you are nervous about your driving test, as some excellent results have been reported, including one woman who passed after 14 attempts. In such cases add Honeysuckle stock to the mix for forgetfulness of past failures.

– If you should encounter a car accident or similar emergency situation and feel drawn to help with the Emergency Essence, do not under any circumstances give it internally without permission. The victim may require an anesthetic or have other problems. Rubbed on pulse points such as wrists and forehead, it will prove equally effective.

– For burns, put 12 drops in a bowl of very cold water, add ice if necessary and either immerse the burnt area, or soak a clean cloth in the water and place on the burn. Resoak the cloth frequently to cool it.

– To cleanse a cut or graze, put 12 drops in a bowl of warm or cold water, as required, and soak some cotton wool. Gently cleanse the area, and leave the cotton wool on for a time to allow the healing energy to be absorbed. Remove and leave to dry. A little cream can be applied before covering with a plaster or bandage.


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