Woman Expect Too Much of Men Sometimes:)

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Nobody’s Perfect!

       Notice the guy with the beer. He almost gets away with it!

It goes both ways. You dont know how many times I have

heard a woman say she is “training” her man. We are NOT

pets. I think this guy was implying his woman wanted a pet

not a man. Something cute and cuddly that does whatever

she wants when she wants.

         There are even more terrifying terms for this training

like Metrosexual. Just the thought of being referred to as

this makes me want to scratch myself. I mean what is that?

It sounds like some B moviescience fiction flick. A sort of Stepford

wives version for men. Look, I’ll take a leash and get trained before

I succumb to this title.

        There are ways to look at it intellectually. I have heard of

the “lets read Men are from Mars..Woman are from Venus

therapy session. I like this one because they say we are from

Mars and not the dog pound or a pig pen. Its a kindler

gentler way of training. This would be the reward technique

versus the quiet treatment. Oh wait..I think I hear my wife

calling (just kidding)

Either way, doesnt matter..this

is a fun look at some justifiable reasons we might need

a slight bit of “training”.



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