7 Secrets of Male Brain

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Is it true that men only exist in the brain comes to sex?  Read the following to uncover the secret of man’s brain. 
1. More emotional 
Women are known to be more emotional. When in fact he also had a strong emotional reaction, but that was before they realized their feelings. 
In a study published in the journal Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, is known as a man aware of or recognize the feelings of his heart, they will direct a look flat. No wonder they are considered more “powerful” emotion. 
2. Not stand alone 
Although there are certain moments in life that makes us feel lonely, it turns out his own feelings are more excruciating for men. The study mentions loneliness can cause health problems. 
Therefore, men who have a stable relationship tends to be more healthy, long life, and have a stress-fighting hormone levels higher. Their study, published in the journal Biology of Reproduction in 2009 stated that married men have a fertility rate which is longer than men singles. 
3. Focus on solutions 
Many people believe that woman are good to cry because they are easy to empathize. Lo “empathy system” in the brain men also respond when other people look stressed or troubled. However, other parts of the brain that focuses on immediate solutions dominate. 
With immediate solutions to immediate problems emerged in the male brain. As a result, he will be more focus to offer solutions rather than show solidarity or empathy for others’ feelings. 
4. Easily tempted 
The hormone testosterone is closely linked with aggressive behavior and violence. But this hormone also regulates the libido. In men, testosterone is the amount of six times more than in women. That is why more men than women are obsessed to sex. 
5. Possessive 
In the theory of evolution, one man’s duty is to defend his territory. Research in mice shows the brain areas “defend territories” is more extensive than in the female animal brains. Although women also have a tendency to possessiveness, but the man did not hesitate to use the relative strength when their territory, can be a family or lover, is threatened. 
6. Liking hierarchy 
Unclear hierarchy can bring anxiety for men. They will have problems deciding who is the most powerful. Therefore, a command system, as practiced by the military or corporate organizations, will mitigate the affect of testosterone and male aggression curb. 
7. Ready to be a father 
At the time of pregnancy, not only the prospective mother’s hormones are changing, but also the prospective father. In men also will increase the hormone prolactin and decreased testosterone. In other words, the male brain changes also occur in such a way that makes it ready to welcome prospective baby.


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