Air Ionizer, How It Works?

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It is important to keep the air in our house in clean condition. Anyway the air qualities are not easy to control since there are many particles that is too small for any particular air cleaner clean up. Usually the air filter can only removes bigger particles and keep the smaller back into the air.

Do you know how hard it is to remove the very small particles in the air? Without Air Ionizer it is hard to remove it and it will remain floating until we suck it into our lungs while breathing. Filtering can only removes particles that are bigger than the sieve in the filter cartridge while the particles smaller than the sieve will keep on floating in the air and pass through the filter over and over again.

So how the Ionizer do it?

The Air Ionizer using electrostatic charges to charge up the particles so it will stick into something else and no longer flown in the air. The best thing is the air to be clean not necessarily got into the ionizer’s air compartment as how air filters do. The charges particles will stick to the particles in the air soon after it comes out from the ionizer. This will add the chances for the particles to be removed from the air.

More on how ionizer works was described in my articles here; Health Essentials: Air Ionizer

To get a better and cleaner air remember to install an ionizer inside your room. You’ll be very happy to breath the fresh air that comes out as fresh as the air after the rain. More than that, the ionizer also can remove the odor. Why shouldn’t I mention that earlier. 😀


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