18 Ways to Make More Money

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1. Work out free web sites for other people in exchange of   your own banner or text ad on their home page.

2. Help all your visitors for their web sites in exchange of your poster advertisement.

3. Make available free of charge web space on your server.

4. Do not forget to take account of your signature line in all your responses.

5. Persuade your customers to ask questions on all your products or site.

6. While e-mailing them back give details of an ad of a product you are already selling.

7. Provide round the clock free e-mail consultations to your clients.

8. Take account of everyone’s products on the site you are promoting.

9. Work together with few other sites to promote the same site.

10. Make free e-books with a reference to your site in the e-book.

11. Make e-books for other sites or businesses.

12. Give your e-book free for your product or another business’ product.

13. Change your site’s content into an e-book.

14. Let people link your content even without link to your home page.

15. Publish other’s articles in exchange of your articles on their sites.

16. Exchange articles with other publishers.

17. Distribute cards or brochures about your business.

18. Attend trade shows and seminars that are related to your business.


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