Addiction to Alcohol Can Lead To Numerous Issues Such As Male Infertility

Alcohol abuse has shown significant negative effects on individual following this adverse addiction. It is hazardous for men and women both. However, since men are more indulged in excessive alcohol obsession, the rate of malfunctioned caused due to alcohol is significantly high in men but women are slightly inferior. One of the most threatening consequences of drinking is infertility in men. It is scientifically studied as well as proven that smokers and alcoholics are often affected by erectile dysfunction which is also commonly known as impotency. Another way in which alcohol affects the sexual life of male individuals is by influencing the sperm count and reducing it considerably which is why most alcoholics complain about their inability to procreate.  

Even if you are not habitual to alcohol, it is wise to truncate the amount of alcohol you consume. Studies have discovered that females who consume alcohol moderately may also suffer from infertility problems as compared to their non-alcoholic counterparts. Regular intake of this substance in case of both men and women can lead to negatively affected fertility. Alcohol intake also results in abnormal liver functioning as well as an increase in estrogen levels that undermines the development of sperms. Alcohol is considered to be toxicant that eradicates sperm generating cells which are present in the testicles thus leading to infertility. It takes approximately three months for sperms to develop in a person’s body, an experiment can be done at home by analyzing your sperm after three months from the date of ceasing alcohol and evaluate the sperm count; you will notice significant increase in the ration of ejaculated sperm.

How alcohol destroys fertility in men

  • Profligate alcohol consumption influences the gonads leading to changes in the scrotum and reduces the T Serum levels. When the T serum ration lowers, it leads to infertility in affected men.

  • A person consuming alcohol excessively increases the estrogen levels which in turn influences the person’s hormones and sperm development phenomenon. Alcohol is considered as a natural toxicant that destroys sperm generating cells in males and unremitting alcohol addiction can cause atrophy in the scrotum and truncates interest in sexual activities.

  • The toxin ration in alcohol reduces the proportion of sperm and thickness of the sperm demeaning its quality. Generally the proportion of sperm through ejaculation is approx 3 milliliters – 6 milliliters with scientifically indicated figure of approximately 120 million sperm cells present in per ml, this gets truncated drastically with excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can also lead to abnormalities in regards to sperm size, shape and tail. Sperm’s ability to move spontaneously may also be affected majorly.

  • Overabundant intake of alcohol alters the conventional and appropriate oval head and straight tail prototype of a healthy sperm. This can bring the viability of healthy spermatozoa into risk and problematic state. Alcohol is also believed to damage the sperm morphology and often has irreparable effects.


It is estimated that over 50% men are victim to ailments such as infertility due to various reasons such as alcohol, cigarette of other toxicant smoking, health issues, impaired psychological conditions or normal side effects of various drugs. Other conditions leading to such issues also include varicocele which is dilation of veins in the scrotum region, infections, disarray of hormones, abnormalities related to seminal fluid, ductile blockages and difficulties related to erectile functioning and ejaculation. As soon as these disorders are treated efficiently the victim may notice some difference and significant improvement through his semen analysis. Men with insignificant quality of sperms or semen and whose physical condition is not considerable for treatment, may have to opt for treatments such as advance reproductive techniques in order to make his partner pregnant.  Male victims with even extremely low sperm count through ejaculation may be able to efficiently regain some living sperms through advanced reproductive techniques. There are very rare cases of men who produce no sperm at all, and even such individuals should try this advance treatment option to help his partner conceive a child.

The need for such treatment may emerge if men are not cautious about their lifestyle habits. Drinking and smoking can be evidently ceased with some self control and dedication. Apart from erectile functioning and infertility issues there are other physical conditions that may be caused due to excess intake of alcohol. Hence, ceasing the intake of alcohol, which is insidious, is crucial before it leads you to unfortunate consequences.

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