Weight loss and health: Losing weight with new eating patterns

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The pattern and types of foods that you eat will make you gain or lose weight. If you want to lose weight you have to do things that are different from what you’re doing right now. Changes are what you need. People gain weight easily because they don’t eat the right food, the right way and they don’t work out enough.

Your eating pattern, beside working out, can really make a difference in your weight. We all know that metabolism is poor in people that gain weight easily. If you don’t pay attention to the way you eat then you will slow down your metabolism and you’ll gain weight faster.

How will you change your eating pattern? You have to eat more liquidize foods than solids, mainly because solids take at least one to two days to be digested. It takes lots of energy to digest your foods and therefore you won’t be able to metabolize it all in one day, so the food would turn to fats and store for later. This is the dangerous part that we don’t want: to have food sit there and turn to fats.

You should eat less solid foods. Solid foods like meat, steak, pork, chicken, bread will take a long time to be digested and therefore it will make you feel bloated and undigested. It may take up to 2 days to digest and you will be storing some of it for fats because that’s how the body deal with unused foods.

Blend and chop your foods as much as you can and as thin as you can. Doing this will help out your stomach and help food be digested easier and faster. This in turn will not leave foods just sitting there waiting for digestion to take place and stored away as fat.

Grind your food very well with your teeth before eating because then your stomach doesn’t have to work hard and you don’t have to work hard to digest the foods. That leave some empty room for more foods. Don’t eat after 6pm because the foods will be sitting in your stomach without being digested and you could gain a lot of weight doing this.

Don’t eat fatty foods every single day. Don’t eat a large plate. Plan for small plates throughout the day to give the body a chance to digest. It’ll be better for your stomach and your weight. Count calories in foods. A normal person has a 2000 calories diet. If you go over this you will gain weight but if you go below this then you’ll be losing some weight. Every food container has ingredients and labels , you need to see how much fats it has and what you don’t want to eat if you see the high fats contents. Drink grape fruit juice because it will help you lose weight more. Green tea has the same effects.

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