Keeping a Positive Outlook on Your Work

Keeping a Positive Outlook on Your Work

Wouldn’t it be such a waste of time and energy if we continued to do a work which we feel we weren’t destined to be doing? One problem is when we do things that are exactly the opposite of what we dreamed of doing. And personally, this is what I think: The root cause is that in the first place, we didn’t know what we wanted!

It’s just like going somewhere but without a purpose – Going some place without a map – Or even going to a location without even knowing the name of your destination.

So first, be know for yourself and be sure where you are headed – that, must be the right key right? Because in the end we wouldn’t want to regret striving to be someone we never wanted to be.

To start with, we can choose jobs from these fields: education, labor or people management relations, government and civil service, communications and media, health-care, science and medicine, business, environmental career, and peace and religious or ecumenical or efforts – which has been said to be the best careers of “spheres of influence.” Working in these specializations could give us a unique chance to shape the world in positive ways, giving us a special opportunity to reach people, and influence the present or the future, but, only as long as we perform them with integrity, character, and compassion for others. It must be everybody’s dream to be of some value to the world.

In the end, don’t we want our jobs to be more than just the paycheck? We do want to make a difference, and in doing the job we love and which also matters to others, there is a difference – a difference when we look forward everyday to go to work and makes us feel fulfilled, satisfied. And if we carried this outlook, wouldn’t it be contagious to the people around us and make them think that they too can make a difference in their jobs? And where does the BEST QUALITY of work come from but from this kind of attitude?

So there it is, the next factor in being happy with our jobs must be – having the right vision towards our jobs – embracing it wholeheartedly, putting our faith in it, and letting our spirits work while we do our work. Doesn’t this thinking, or spirituality, influence the jobs we chose and the way we do them?

There must be job out there that would be a good fit, if not the best fit for us. And if we are not sure of what God really wants for us, I think we could instead consider what we want for ourselves, but, as Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

Last of all, the way best to look at our careers is to perform it as a vocation – We could do this by first recognizing our gifts and talents, and then considering how we can best share them to others though our jobs. How generous it would be if we did our jobs as if it we’re always doing it in the service of others!

If we think that our jobs also matter to other people, then it too will matter all the more for our personal satisfaction. How fulfilling it is if we did our jobs unselfishly – offering it to God and to others. I think that – will make us feel the fulfillment we yearn so much from our jobs.

(c) Ae Dechavez

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