Your Scarred Self : Body Piercing And Tattoos

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The culture of body piercing and tattoos in the youth of today is on the rise. What I do not understand is the idea of scarring your body, enduring great pain to achieve it, making yourself look funny and above all that, taking pride in doing so. The reason which I gather for this so called fashion is lack of self confidence. We as individuals want to attract attention of others towards ourselves just to satisfy our need to be recognized as a unique person. This, however, our forefathers used to achieve by doing something useful for people around them. We, today, have not set any such goals for ourselves. And when we can not contribute positively towards the people, we try some other means to be known. We want to live lives of individual personalities and still want others to recognize us. And it works too. Because when people do not know you as a person, then the only way to be distinguished among others is by making yourself conspicuous to their eyes. This, to some extent satisfies our SELF ESTEEM. But let’s give it a second thought, shall we? More and more people are having body piercing and tattoos nowadays. The uniqueness is no longer there. A person walking down the road will never take a second look at you with metal studs hanging from your lips or bellybutton, nor will he be intrigued by your arm with an image of a rock band guitarist with his long hair. So, I think there is no use of hurting yourself to be known to others. Try something different, something more constructive for the society. I am sure people will know you and love you as well.


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