Commonwealth Games Turning Out to be a Big Fat Indian Wedding

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THE COMMONWEALTH Games are proving to be like the big fat Indian weddings, where everything is fixed at the last hour and the demands of the bridegroom’s side keep on increasing as the wedding day nears.
Like the family members of a hapless bride, the Indian tax payers are going to pay for the Commonwealth Games marriage party being organised, held and enjoyed by the family of the bridegroom, who happens to be none other than Commonwealth Games chief Suresh Kalmadi.
The government of India is the match maker, which ensures that the money from the bride’s family reaches the right quarters and in-between the brokers are also able to partake the largesse.
Like any other Indian wedding, the bridegroom’s family that is represented by the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee began with humble demands so that marriage is fixed and they do not lose the chance to make it big by organising the marriage, i.e games.
However, they knew all the tricks of the trade and as soon as the marriage ceremony was fixed and ring ceremony was over, they started their shenanigans. As the marriage date was fixed and preparations reached half-stage, the Games Organising committee demanded such a huge sum as dowry that even the broker was shocked. But, since it gave an opportunity to the broker, i.e government officials to make a fast buck, they did not refuse to the illogical demands.
In India, it is almost impossible to make money without paying the due share to the right quarters, else your days are numbered. However, if your reputation as a good paymaster and a person, who is ready to share the spoils fair and square is established, your position can be as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.
Even the mighty tsunami will fail to unseat you.
To continue the story of this marriage, the taxpayers money was paid for the simple reason that the honour of the girl and her family had to be safeguarded, even if she knew that this marriage was destined to fail. The Indian tax payer in the name of national and family honour was milched like a cow, even as it became difficult to buy fodder as inflation soared and price of grass skyrocketed.
Even as the family of bridegroom and the marriage party eats, sleeps and makes merry at the shimmering Commonwealth Games Village made with exotic marble and high tech gadgets, the host family will try to hide the grime, poverty and corruption using muslin curtains.
And wherever the poverty can not be hidden, it shall be banished from the city of Delhi. Unlike the rich fat weddings in Delhi, where the poor are allowed to sit on the sidelines and collect alms and food, this marriage will kick them out of the city.
They wont be allowed to even come close to this wonderful event as if they are untouchables. Till now, the entire marriage has proved to be a scam as the broker and the bridegroom’s family have entered into a collusion to rip the family of the girl, the hapless Indian taxpayer.
Whatever piece of dowry has been bought in the name of Commonwealth Games, the rates have been fixed and exorbitant commissions paid. Even the ring ceremony held at London was rigged to such an extent that a foreign power, which ruled this country prior to 1947 had to intervene and bring some sense to all the stakeholders.
However, the more things change, the more they remain the same in this country and despite ample proofs that this marriage is going to end simply in harassment of the girl, it has not been called off.
At least a new bridegroom or a new family could have been found. People, who are less tainted, who are little bit fair, who have more credibility than the Kalmadi family, which has proved that come what may, this big fat Delhi wedding will leave no stone unturned to ruin the Indian taxpayer.

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