How to Declutter Your Home

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Take it room by room, trying to do all of the house at one time is often overwhelming and you will see little progress which often gives us a defeated feeling. Start with the room most visible to all.
Break up your decluttering into separate tasks..walls/shelves, floors, tables, closets. I like to start with floors, it helps to have room to manoeuvre. Have a large home and garden trash bag handy, and several bins for items to keep, items to store.
Ask yourself these questions when going through your stuff, what purpose is it currently serving?, keyword CURRENTLY..if it might serve a purpose, this doesn’t count. That attitude is what got you cluttered in the first place lol. Is it functional? Is it decorative? Is it covered in dust? If it is covered in dust, it is not worth displaying, as you don’t have the will or time to clean it regularly, put it into storage.
Invest in decorative storage containers. Woven baskets come in all sizes, shapes and styles, and are a great way to hide things you like to keep handy like various remote controls, magazines, newspapers, toys etc. Baskets and decorative containers hide things beautifully. Baskets can sit on shelves, floors, be stored under end tables and coffee tables and are a wonderful way to get organized. Large clay pots and vases can store umbrellas by your front door.
Once you have made a big mess decluttering, give the room an overall good cleaning, you will love the new space, and the clean peaceful feeling you get when you enter it.
Remember to take it room by room. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t declutter it in one day either. ;o)


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