How to Can Corn

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If you enjoy the taste of corn, you can have this year round by canning the corn when it is picked fresh. Although you can buy canned corn at any time at the supermarket, the fact that you do the canning work on your own makes it taste so much sweeter. And, you know exactly what is in the product and don’t have to worry about any allergens that could make you ill. You need to have fresh corn on the cob, canning jars and lids, plus a large pot of boiling water ready before you start. You also need to have a medium size pot and a pressure cooker for the canning process.

The first part of the process involves sterilizing the bottles in which you are going to place the corn. This can easily be accomplished by washing all the jars in the dishwasher. You should boil the lids in a pot of boiling water for at least five minutes. Use tongs to remove the lids from the water and lay them to dry on paper towel. Throw out this water and fill the boiler ¾ full again and set it on the stove to boil.

The next step of the process is to prepare the corn for canning. Husk the ears of corn and remove the silk from them. Boil the ears in a pot of boiling water for about three or four minutes. Make sure you have a tight cover on the pot for this part of the process. After the time has elapsed, use tongs to remove the corn from the hot water and immerse them in ice cold water. You can have this ready in a bowl on the countertop. As the water warms with the heat from the corn, add ice cubes to cool it down again.  Remove the corn from the ice water and allow them to drain thoroughly. Use a sharp knife or a kernel remover to cut the kernels of corn from the ears.

Start filling the jars with the corn kernels. You shouldn’t try to shake or press them down into the jar – just fill them naturally. Leave a space of about one inch at the top of each jar and fill each one with boiling water while still leaving a space at the top. Place a lid on each jar and tighten it securely.

Place the pressure cooker on the stove with the rack plate inside. Fill it with about four inches of water and set it on the stove to boil. When the water has boiled in the cooker, place the jars of corn inside. Use tongs to stand them on the rack plate in the hot water. When you have them all in place, put the cover on and heat on high for about ten minutes. Make sure you allow the steam to vent. Then you can increase the pressure to eleven pounds. When you see that the cooker is at this level, continue cooking for 25 minutes.

Turn off the cooker and wait until the pressure drops. When it is at zero, remove the cover and take out the jars of corn. Lay them out to cool before you store them away for the winter.


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