Lentil dish

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This recipe is suitable for all seasons through the year. The time for preparation is about an hour and 10 minutes. The dish serves 5-6.


3 onions

4 table spoons oil

4 potatoes (middle sized)

2 carrots

250 gr lentil


2 table spoons soya sauce

400-500 ml vegetable soup

Salt to taste



Method of preparation:

It is very good if you leave the lentil into a big bowl filled with water for about 5-6 hours. You can make this in the evening and on the next day you can use the lentil which will be cooked much more easily. Stew the finely chopped onion with the oil. Peel the potatoes and cut them into big pieces. After 10 minutes you can add the potatoes and the cut celery to the onion. Cut the carrots into slices. After 5 minutes you have to add the carrots and the ginger to the mixture. Wash your lentil from the last night and put it to the pot. Pour the vegetable soup and cook for 30 minutes. Sprinkle the finely chopped parsley and add the soya sauce. Enjoy!


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