Microworkers.com: A Review

I first came across Microworkers about July of 2009 when people in one of the Money-Making forums I was part of were talking of great websites to makes some extra bucks. I signed up using the referral link of the very first one who invited me (I thought he deserves the credit).

I looked around and tried a few tasks. Instructions are given in a step-by-step fashion, guided by numbers to make sure you do it right. I did a couple of sign-ups and being an international member, I was paid around $0.10 to .30 for the simple sign ups to those with a few extra stuff to finish. I was asked to vote up a post, which took me less than 3 seconds to do, and also wrote a short 50-word review. For less than 15 minutes of being around the site, I looked and did the math, and found that I should be expecting around $1.42 for no-brainer tasks. Hmm, not bad for 15 minutes of my time. The tasks will have to be approved by the employer first before you see the actual $$ in your account. But with the clear instructions and knowing I did it just the way it’s said in the instructions, I know it will be in my $$ tab very soon now.

I have been a member of several PTC sites in the internet which takes me over a month just to reach my $2 payment threshold. The PTP forum where I learned about Microworkers actually pay its members for being active in the site too. I am not sure how they calculate our earnings, but there are times where they give me $0.20 for the day, sometimes $0.02,, and at times where I am on the forum the entire day posting threads like a madman for 8 hours, I see an additional $1.12 in my earnings. I couldn’t imagine how I was able to put up with such sites, which, just after I discovered Microworkers, I realized all the clicking and senseless posting for hours and hours wasn’t really worth my time at all.

I eventually got paid with the few trial tasks I did. Some after 30 minutes, the rest after a day or two. I was inspired to stay more active in MW. I did the math. Being active in Microworkers even just for an hour a day could earn me close to $5. What more if I stay for a couple of extra hours? And was I right. After earning my first $10.63 on my third day, I requested for a payout. As I was new to the site and do not know yet of how genuine it is, I waited and mellowed a little on taking some tasks until my money gets to my Paypal account. I focused on the very easy jobs thinking that in case I get ripped off my time, it wasn’t that much too lose.

But when that most-awaited email came, telling me that Microworkers sent me $10.63, I knew I just found one of the hidden gems in the World Wide Web. So I stayed active in MW, and week after week, they pay me like clockwork. In fact, Microworkers helped a lot pay my internet bills and buy me some of the stuff I fancy on Ebay.

As any worker can also run campaigns on Microworkers, I use some of my earnings there to start a few of my campaigns. I trust the site so much. The workers are very legit as I am getting great results for my campaigns. The best thing is, I didn’t have to pay money for those tasks coz I used the $$ I have banked in my earnings tab. That saved me deposit and processing fees versus those tasks elsewhere.

All in all, Microworkers is among my top favorites! Should I rate it, the site very well deserves a 10!

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