Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Review

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Set in an all out war between NATO and China on the steppes of Kazahkstan, the game has a very diverse number of battlefields. There are desert maps, snow maps, but unfortunately no jungle maps.

I cannot speak for the (online) multiplayer (there is no “couch multiplayer” to be found), but the campaign is great fun. However, I have heard great things about the online multiplayer.

Sure, the voice acting sucks, but in a hilarious way. The Americans are way too American. The Chinese have pathetic little “Chinese” accents, but it really just sounds like a drunk American. There is no character development, as you are able to take control of any friendly soldier/vehicle on the map using “Hotswapping.” See an enemy tank but don’t have AT gear? Hotswap to a soldier that does have a giant rocket launcher. You can see the fun in this awesome feature.

Like I was saying, the campaign is great fun. The enemies are completely lacking in intelligence and come at you in waves. It is pwnage to simply camp in a machinegun/Humvee and simply mow them down. The AI is kind of a failure but, they aren’t bad, they just aren’t cutting edge. What do you expect from a 2005 game? The same goes for the graphics. Pretty good, but don’t expect graphics like MW2 or BFBC2. Like I said before, this game came out in 2005!

All in all, I would give this game an 8.5 out of 10. VERY FUN!! 😉


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