Laughter is the best Medicine!

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Being a newly graduated pre-school teacher I was so excited to start my first job as supervisor in our small community pre-school. Getting to know the children was a real treat as this was my first post and I looked at it as “my” first bunch of kids to train and teach. There were the very active children, now they are labled ADHD kids and your very mellow children just happy to watch the world go by as they enjoyed their own set of interests.

Well, there was the one active child in the class that never seemed to slow down much and I often wished I had his recipe for energy that he managed to generate throughout the day. Just for sake of anonymity I shall call him Mike. Well, Mike seemed to make it a habit of chasing the little misses in our class no matter if it was rain or shine. I would often think to myself well there is a little future Don Juan in the group. So as the weeks passed not much changed the children were happy and getting along fine and Mike never missed his chance during outdoor play to chase the little ladies.

One day, I got a call from Mikes mom saying that Mike was unable to make it in that day due to a bad cold. So after we chatted for a while and exchanged home remedies we said our good-byes and I proceeded to start the day. It was a beautiful Autumn day and the kids were looking forward to getting out and about to their usual outdoor play activites. Danny who was the quiet one in the class got his boots and coat on as usual and proceeded outside. But instead of heading straight to the sandbox which was his usual daily routine he, much to my surprise and amazment, started to chase one of the girls.

After my curiosity got the best of me I wandered over to Danny, as he was hiding behind the playhouse waiting for his unsuspecting victim to appear, and asked why he decided not to use the sandbox today. Well, he looked up at me with his big eyes, full of set determination and purpose and remarked with as much dedication as one little four year old could, “Mikey is not here today, so somebody has to chase the girls!” That is true commradship I thought and little did I know that I would teach and well be taught many more lessons from my young students in the future.


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