5 Christmas Gifts For New Wii Owners in 2010

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New Wii owners typically buy just the essentials and add accessories later on. The fun stuff like games and golf clubs are inexpensive and fun to buy. New Wii owners can even buy some accessories at the local dollar store. So, this Christmas, don’t head out with a cheap shopping list in mind for the new Wii owners in your life – buy them something they really need like these 5 Christmas gifts for new Wii owners.

Charging station -Just one strike away from bowling the perfect game and the batteries on the Wii remote start to fail. The throw goes off to one side and that strike ends up in the gutter. This could have been avoided if you had purchased your friend a Wii charging station. The Wii charging station works with rechargeable batteries allowing the new Wii owners to charge the remote batteries after each use. No dead batteries means no missed strikes.

Extra controllers and nunchucks – Who wants to buy extra Wiimotes and nunchucks at $50 a pop? New Wii owners have no idea whether they will actually use the Wii enough to offset the additional investment – so that’s where you come in friend. You don’t have to buy more than one of each to please the new Wii owners with this extra special Christmas gift.

Wii speak ’cause Wii are awesome – As if you don’t get enough of your friends on Wii competition night, why not talk to them every time you sign on to the Wii console? Wii Speak is a cool toy that allows up to friends in up to four locations talk during Wii play. Your Mii even comes out of hiding and mimics your chat from the bottom of the screen. (Mental note – make my Mii taller and thinner before chatting.)

Cool points. I mean Wii points – If you’re not sure what accessories the new Wii owners already have, stick with the easiest Christmas gift for new Wii owners – Wii points. Wii points allow owners to download all kinds of cool stuff including old games like Super Mario Brothers. Remember that trick with the birdy turtle that gets you all those extra men? Well, they will too when you give new Wii owners Wii points for Christmas.

Wii tips guide by YOU – There are definitely some tricky issues with the Wii when electric goes out or when a friend comes over with his own light sabre Wiimote to battle through Lego Star Wars on Wii. You are a master of the Wii gaming system, so gather all your tips and tricks together and smack it into an awesome three ring binder. The new Wii owners will love that gift best of all this Christmas.

New Wii owners are the best people to buy for this Christmas because they have so much to learn and so few accessories. Leave the games and quirky accessories for those weekend yard sale trips and buy the new Wii owner Christmas gifts they need.


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