How Does Ballet Dancing Affect Your Body?

Ballet Dancing and the Body

The Benefits

First off you will look great having a ballet body or the body of a dancer.  The ballet body is one that will look lean and poised. Since ballet dancing requires graceful movements you will look elegant and poised while walking down the street.

Ballet Dancing is a combination of Pilates and yoga. Ballet dancing will help strengthen your body as well as tone your body for a slim and sleek physique.

Ballet movements encompass cardio moves as well as other dance moves that will get you into a routine that will train your body. You will become more flexible in your daily life and develop strength.

In contrast to traditional weight training that only add bulky muscles to your body, ballet training movements add elongated muscles that  make your body appear more finesse, long, and lean.

The Cons

Professional Ballet Dancing is rigorous and only a few dancers may have the body to become a professional ballet dancer. It is said that only professional football is more physically demanding than ballet dancing when compared against 61 common sports.

With that said, one also needs hard work and talent to become a professional.

Ballet dancing training starts at the age of 8 and by 16-20 your body becomes more prone to injuries due to it being overused. The body skeletal has matured and makes your body become harder to bend and flex like when you are younger.

You need certain body features to be considered ideal for ballet dancing. For instance, having a small head, a long neck, and shortened torso is considered ideal body features for a ballet dancers. Big buttocks, round shoulders and spinal curves are considered aesthetically unacceptable body features for a professional ballet dancer.

Ballet Dancing and You

Even with a less than perfect body with aesthetically unacceptable body features, with hard work and endurance one can still be a ballet dancer. Although you will not make it as a professional, practicing ballet moves will help you improve your body posture. You will be walking on the streets will poised and elegance. You will become more flexible with your movements as well as develop strength. Your body will look nice and tone without developing bulky manly muscles (for women).  By developing dexterity you will also improve your balance and act with grace when picking up things around the house.  With all the physical benefits and health benefits mentioned, you will also gain discipline while learning ballet dancing because it takes a lot of endurance and patience to master.  Be warned that ballet dancing is rigorous and not your average daily hobby. Think of learning ballet dancing like learning the piano plus the physical hard work. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to learn, but once you have the basics under control you will be able to enjoy the benefits of ballet dancing as an amateur.


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