Remembrance of Jesus

Hebrew 12:3 For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself, lest ye be wearied and faint of mind.

Do You Remember Jesus? Hello in this article I want to bring attention to many, the remembrance of Jesus the Christ.

From the beginning of time The Heavenly Father (God( has been making many sacrifices, because of His love for mankind. Ever since the separation in the Garden of Eden to the Great Flood of the world, God has been making sacrifices to please the creation that He made because of the love he had for this creation, and He demostrated His love many and many of times. Through Noah when God pointed out a righteous man to complete the task of building an ark to board life for the new world to come after His wrath is released to the children of the world, for their ambitious disobediance toward the ways of God and NOT remembering the fact that he created mankind to be peaceful to one another, and not violent and vicsious to each other. Een through the time of Moses, another righteous man that walked in the ways of God. Even when he lead Moses to bring His people out of the land of Egypt and out of the hand’s Pharaoh ,God was being so forgiving and loving, knowing the fact that the people only was calling on His name and mercy just to be brought out of captivity, with no intent of believing in Him in the after fact, nor showing Him and glory, God knew this! And yet still being loving and forgiving brought mankind out of pain and suffering times just to please the ones He love.

Even after all the great things God has done for the world and mankind you think there would be more rememberance to who God is, with the fact being known that mankind is harden in heart, God made sacrifice after sacrifice to deliver His love. When times past by mankind became even more wicked and the love of God faded even more, and just when God felt that it was time to end things He decided to make one final sacrifice and that through His own bloodline, His own body, His only Begotten Son, to make new and bring life to a final state of being through belief.

With all this Love and rememberance of mankind God displayed, leaving mankind to connect to Him through His Son, and now the remeberance of Jesus has faded throughout the years of the world and it’s existance, very few shows the interest in the love and dedication to Christ and more than many display the means rebellious towardthe sacrificial purpose of Jesus.

So my question is to many, Do You Remember Jesus, the way he remembered you on the Cross ?

I intended for this article to be short just to give many the question needed to be asked daily, there will be more. I hope there will be enjoyment throughout the reading of this, feel free to leave comments and feedback. 

Thank you and God Bless!

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