Gun Lost/stolen: How to File a Police Report

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The right to bare arms is our constitutional right and when you buy and own a gun, the gun is registered to you.  When your gun is lost or stolen, it is very important that you report it to the Police. 

How to file the Police report

Depending on how and where the gun was lost or stolen will depend on the Police jurisdiction you file the report.

Call your local Police department where you live and find out what reporting options are available to you.

You may be able to file the report on-line, over the phone or in person by going to the Police station.  Some Police departments may send a Patrol car to your location to take a report.

It is better that you go in person to the Police station so you can provide the Police with all the necessary documentation needed for the report.

What you need to file the report

You will need proper identification to start the report.  Provide the Police with how the gun came to be lost or stolen.  Provide the Police with the type of gun, a description and the serial and model number if possible.  You may or may not need to know any information because the Police can look up the information.

If there is suspect information then provide it to the Police or any further information that you might have that could help apprehend the criminal and find your gun.

Why file a report

You are filing a lost or stolen gun report for several reasons.  First, there is a chance of catching the suspect and bringing them to justice and so this will not happen to anyone else.

Many lost or stolen guns are used for committing crimes and when the Police recover a gun at a crime scene or from a suspect, the gun will be run through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and be discovered that there is an outstanding Police report on the gun.


Filing a Police report is a very simple process.  Once you have filed a report, make sure, that you always get your Police report case number and either a receipt that you filed a report or an actual copy of the report for your records. 

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