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Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim

I love saying that because it drives every communist in America wild!!!

Actually President Hussein’s real name is Barry Soetoro and he is a foreign born Marxist Muslim.


A Burqa for Nancy Pelosi

Apparently Nancy Pelosi converted to Islam without telling anyone.  As a symbol of our toelerance for religious diversity I think everyone should send the speaker of the house of representatives a burqa so that she can dress appropriately and show her support for Sharia law.


Bloomberg says we are all Muslim.  Does that include Daniel Pearl Mayor Bloomberg?

What else do you admire so much  Mr Bloomberg?   Sharia law?   Honor killings?  The stoning of adulterous women?  The fact that there are no churches allowed in Saudi Arabia?


Alex Jones Ground Zero Mosque?

Is Alex Jones in favor of building the Ground Zero mosque at the site of 911?   He can’t be against it since he thinks that George Bush did 911 not Muslims.  Besides, Alex Jones has no problem with a nuclear Iran.  For such a man, what’s a mosque between friends?


Are Alex Jones and Barack Obama BOTH Muslims?

Alex Jones , who is a  Birther and a Truther, may be the only person outside of Iran and Russia who has no problem with a nuclear Iran.  In fact, in most matters where Iran and the United States are concerned Alex Jones sees the United States in the wrong.

Alex Jones sides with the government of Iran on most issues–particularly issues concerning Jews and Israel.

If the United States got into a war with Iran it is not clear where Alex Jones’ loyalties would lie.  Whenever any terrorist actions makes big news Alex Jones seems to blame first the United States, then England, then Israel, then any Jew that’s handy.    Any who doubt this need to find out what Alex Jones says Jews and Israel were doing on 9/11.   The idea that anyone was wondering what Jews were doing on 9-11 is curious and smacks of “pre-judging” an issue.  Nevertheless, that’s Alex Jones for you.

Alex Jones seems to believe that Iran and in fact all Moslems are blameless and never do anything wrong.   Rather whenever anything bad or wrong is done, especially terrorism, he claims that the US staged it.  So for Jones the Muslim nation of Iran never does anything wrong whilst the Christian nation of the US never does anything right.

As for President Hussein, aka Barry Soetoro a Marxist Muslim foreigner, aka Barack Hussein Obama.   As for Chairman Obama, he can not seem to stand to be in the same room with Christians unless they care damning the United States like Reverend Wrong did.  But Obama takes each and every opportunity to be with and praise Muslims.  In fact, it seems that Obama wants to raise the terrorist victory flag called the Obama Ground Zero mosque at the very spot where 9/11 happened.  Well, there is a lot for Barry to love:  Sharia Law.  The stoning of adulterous women.   Honor killings.  Female genital mutilation.  The killing of infidels.  The killing of those who convert from Islam to other faiths.  The maiming of those accused of crimes.  Paralyzing a healthy man accused of a crime.   Decapitation.

No wonder President Hussein is so love with that set of beliefs.  Why I’ll  bet he wants a stone so he help show that adulterous woman the error of her ways…

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