A Child's Miracle IN The O.r

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    I remember that year all to well. I was 7 year’s old and I had just started 3rd grade. I was ready to take on the

world. However, 3rd grade, let alone the world, had prooven to be out of my reach.

    One day I’d come home from school and did the usual. Homework, snack, chores, then outside. My younger

brother and I usually stayed out until dinner or dark, whichever came first. However, I didn’t make it until either that


    All the kid’s on the block got together to play hide and seek. I lived in the kind of neighborhood where all the

kid’s were friend’s and no one was left out. My younger brother, Justin, had voulenteered to be it first. He turned to

count; we all scattered. I’d noticed kid’s climbing underneathe car’s, ducking behind tall wooden fences and even 

hopping into empty trashcan‘s. I’d decided to climb a fence and hide in my friend’s yard. I’d gotten to the top, it   

wasn’t very tall, so I’d Jumped.

    As I’d hit the ground it felt like I’d had landed on fire and it was being sucked into my vein’s, heading all the way 

up to my hip on the right side. I’d fallen. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move. I cried. more like sreamed. I’d never felt

pain like that before.

    Justin had been the first to find me. He didn’t come near me, he saw me on the ground crying, and ran. I’d

assumed he went to get my parent’s. Sure enough, not even 2 minutes later, my dad scooped me up into his strog

arm’s and ran to the car.

   Next thing I knew I was on an x-ray table with tubes in my arm’s. On the way to my hopital room, after I’d had the

x-ray’s, I’d heard my dad talking to the Doctor.He’d said word’s like “difficult” surgey” “pain”. My mom rolled me into 

the room,lifted me out of the wheelchair and put me in bed. I saw the trepedation in her eye’s so I didn’t know how I

would be able to stay calm and believe that everything was gonna be okay like she kept telling me.

    Finally, after a half hour or so, my dad came into the room. He’d explained to my mom and me that I’d had a

 bone infection in my hip that could only be helped with surgery. Surgery had scared me very much, but he’d made

it sound so simple and easy that I’d tried to convince my childish mind, it was no bid deal. Except, that night when 

my parent’s thought I had been asleep I’d heard them talking about all the details he’d failed to tell me. I’d have to

stay in th hospital for two week’s and have a nurse come to my house for 3 month’s following, to give me I.V

injections and ake blood, to make sure they got it all, and that it would’nt return.

    I hadn’t sleep the night before the surgery. I remember staying up all night praying the same thing over and over.

“Please God give me a sign that I will  be okay.”

    That morning had come too fast. As the minutes till surgery passed, My heart raced,and my stomach became


    Dr. Miles had come to tell me the nurse was on her way to prepare me for surgery. She’d reassured me again,

but it hadn’t help.

    Finally I was on my way. The light/s on the ceiling mesmorized me as my mind had swirled in chaotic fear. I had

droened out the sound of the hospital beds squeky wheels, the voices and the calls to whoever on the speakers.

Suddenly, bed stopped. The light’s that had blinded me a few minutes before had been blocked. I focused, and

tried to seewhat was going on. That’s when I’d seen him. “Hello Allie, How are you feeling?” Said the man.  I

remember his eye’s without fail, so kind, honest, gentle. He’d been dressed in doctor’s scrubs, a surgeon,s mask

pulled down so I was able to see his loving smile. ” I’m scared,” I’d squeked. His reply is what had immediatly calmed

every ounce of fear and doubt.

    “I know you’re scared. Everything is going to be fine, I promise. My name is Jesus and I am going to be with you

the whole time.” The bed moved again as it rolled  into the O.R. I didn’t take my eye’s off him until I’d been forced

to, when they’d put me under.

    When I had came to, I asked evey nurse or Doctor I’d seen, I’d even described him. No one had known  who I was

talking about.I’d told my parent’s and they believed me. I’d felt so sure that what I had seen was real. It was amazing

for me to experience that at such a young age and It helped me to believe in miracles at an older age.


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