How to Conquer Clutter Quickly

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The things you will need to conquer your clutter will  include boxes for donations, bins for resale items, hangers, hampers for laundry, and some tape and labels.

Decide which room in your home needs the most attention. Place a cardboard box for donations in the room. Add a bin for resale items. Use a hamper for any laundry items. Allow just 20 minutes today for this room. Set a kitchen timer if you need a reminder.

Gather any items that need to be donated first. If you have time left, gather items for resale, and place in the bins. Last, you will gather any laundry that is in the room.

For the remainder of the week, you will allow yourself just 20 minutes each day for any room, continuing to work on the rooms that need the most attention first. If you decide to work on more than one room in a day, do it. The following day, you will start with room one. You may find this method helps you stay focused.

Once a box is filled with items to donate, move it to your car, or another area of the house away from the general traffic flow. Tape the boxes shut, and label. Don’t allow anyone to look in the boxes once you have made a decision to remove the items from your life.

Place all items for sale in one area. When all rooms have been made clutter free, make a general list of the items you have for resale, noting possible prices. If you are taking these to a consignment shop, move the bins to your car. Don’t let family members go through the items. If you are having a yard sale, pick a date now, and begin marking items with price tags.

Be sure to check pockets on any items that will be sold or donated. Also, remove any name tags from items. Be certain you are donating or selling any items that are borrowed.


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