Is There a God

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Is There a God ?

Brought up in a deeply religious Irish catholic home, You would think I would say yes.

Quite the opposite, as a child I witnessed many contradictions with the catholic faith. Christianity teaches tolerance of others, but my parents belittled my non- Christian Asian friends. I found the faith quite hateful of others, especially non-Catholics.

However hypocrisy does not tell me there is no God… I put that down to intelligence. Only one lacking in intelligence and imagination can believe in being that made us, judges us and instructs how to live our lives.

We are merely dots on a planet, that itself is a dot in a massive universe, a universe that is so big it is difficult to comprehend the size. Are we expected to believe that something as insignificant as us warrant an overseer?

How can we have an overseer who allows us to do to terrible things to each other in the name of God. Now believer will tell us it is because the Bible tell us that God will not interfere again afters the balls up of the flood and the tower of Babel, but surely this is an excuse why your God does not intervene.

I believe it is a fear of death and an inability to think that has perpetuated religion. We all die and decompose, but if we believe in heaven , and that good behaviour gets you in there, does that make dying easier?

A lack of understanding of the Bible, Koran and the Torah has put most of the world, whether you be Christian, Jewish or Muslim in morale decline. So much hate is aimed at Gays, non believers, non Muslims, Non Christians. However the Jews are particularly despicable race of people, their disgusting treatment of Palestinians- would they do this without the backing of ultra Christian America? Surely the treatment of Jews in WW2 would make them a more tolerated sympathetic race of people- not the religious monsters they are today.

If there was a God would he allow this?

Finally, all the main religions tell us there is only one God… Does that mean everyone is praying to the same one?

……. Or maybe there is no God


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