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1. Multiple Email Addresses: Never use your personal email address when doing offers or you run the risk of getting bombarded with spam. Sign up for a free Google (gmail) account. Google allows you to take one email address and turn it into several different addresses. For example,,,, The “period” trick does not always work because some companies have caught on and are not counting moving the period as being different addresses.

2. Free Online Voicemail: Most of the offers and surveys require enter a phone number. If you don’t want them calling you, sign up for a free voicemail account.

3. Credit Card: Use a gift card or prepaid card to fill out the credit card information.

4. Roboform: Download a free program called Roboform. This program will automatically fill out offers for you. Edit the form filling section to include your name, address, phone number and any information on there. When you go to fill out a form, just click on your name and it will automatically fill out the form for you.

5. Doing the Offers: Before you start doing the offers you need to turn off your pop-up blocker. The best offers are the free ones that you do free. Click on “Cash Offers” tab, click on “100% Free” under Category and Sort by “Newest”, “Most Popular” or “Highest Payout”. Then hit “Show”. It required no credit card. Alternate using the email address with the offers. For example, don’t use the same email address in a row. Complete offer one with email one, complete offer two with email two, compete offer three with email three and then start over. Make sure you play the bonus game after you do each offer to try to find a pearl. For every 8 pearls you find, you can get a “pearl friendship bracelet” in the Trading Hut, and that gives you 2 referrals. Don’t do too many cash offers in one day. It will lessen your chances of getting approved. Try to do 3-5 cash offers a day.

6. Free Trial Offers: Remember to cancel your Free Trial offers AFTER your Treasure Trooper account is credited and BEFORE your Free Trial offers period ends.

7. Daily Surveys: When doing the Daily Surveys you must use the same email address that you signed up with. The company giving the survey will ban you from the Daily Surveys once they realize you are using more than one email address.

8. Yes or No Offers: Go through the entire “yes or no” offers. Click all “no” next to the offers. At one point you may run into a message that require you to choose at least 1 offer or 2 offers, if so then chose 1 or 2 of the offers that they give you. Leave the windows open for a few minutes, do not fill them out. Look for “no/skip/pass/no thanks/next” buttons on the page and click on them.

9. Silver/Gold/Platinum Offers: After going through pages of “yes or no” offers you will get to the final page that is “silver/gold/platinum” offers. You just need to click the specified number of offers and let them load. If the page says click 1 offer then click on 1 offer, if 2 offers click on 2 offers. You don’t have to fill them out. Leave the windows open for a few minutes so your offer can be definitely be confirmed. Keep an eye on the URL of the original offer. If that changes, you are done. Close all extra windows that open from the offers, return to Treasure Trooper page and press “Done” button next to the offers that you just did. The offer will go into your pending earnings until Treasure Trooper confirms it and put it into your earning for that month.

10. Clear Cookies and Browser: Make sure to clear your cookies and browser history after completing each offer. This is the #1 reason for causing offers to never confirm. Many of the offers are owned by the same advertisers and they won’t credit you if they see evidence that you’ve been on their site in the past. Don’t clear them during an offer only after you complete it and make sure your browser is set-up to accept all cookies. Download a free program called CCleaner. This program will automatically clear all cookies and tracking information.

11. Get Paid to Shop: Treasure Trooper has a list of merchants that will give you cash back when you purchase from them. You get money back on purchases made from online vendors if you purchase your items through that vendor’s link in your member’s account. The shopping screen tells you the exact percentage you will earn from each company. There are over 250 online stores listed including the most well known brands and sites such as Apple iTunes, Omaha Steaks, Hallmark, Sharper Image, Vermont Teddy Bear, and Wal-Mart.

12. Keep Track: Use a notebook or spreadsheet to keep track of the offers that you have completed. Write down the date, the name of the GPT offer and what email address was use.

13. Join the Forum: Treasure Trooper forum is active. You can get answer to your questions and connect with other members who are making money online with Treasure Trooper. To see what offers have been approved. Look in the thread “Which Offers Got Approved For You Today” under “General Discussion” and click on “Last”.

14. Referral System: There are 2 levels of referral system. Level 1 (people that directly sign up under you), you receive 20% of their earning. Level 2 (people that sign up under the people that you recruited), you receive 5% of their earning. Your referrals do not get paid less. This is extra money that you get paid in addition to what they get paid.

15. Payments: Payments from Treasure Trooper are processed on the 15th-20th of every month. For the money you made the month before. The minimum payout is $20. If you do not have that amount on the 15th, the amount you have stays in your account and added to the amount for the next month.

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