Forgery: How to File a Police Report

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Definition of Forgery

Forgery is the intentional and illegal act of making or altering an instrument, document or transcript or signing another person’s name with the intent to deceive or commit fraud.    

How to file the Police report

Primarily, alert your bank that you are a victim of forgery and shut down your account, change account numbers or freeze your account.

(Note): depending on the situation, you may be a victim in the Police jurisdiction where the fraud took place or where you live. 

Call your local Police department where you live and find out what reporting options are available to you.

You may be able to file the report on-line, over the phone or in person by going to the Police station.  Some Police departments may send a Patrol car to your location to take a report.

It is better that you go in person to the Police station so you can provide the Police with all the necessary documentation that is needed for the report.

What you need to file the report

You will need proper identification to start the report.  Provide the Police with the actual forged check, document or transcript or a copy of such which they will put into evidence or with the report.

You may provide any suspect information to the Police or any further information that you might have that could help apprehend the criminal.

Why file a report

You are filing a forgery report for several reasons.  First, there is a chance of catching the suspect and bringing them to justice and so this will not happen to anyone else.

Filing Police reports also help cover you so your bank can reimburse you of any losses relieve you of any responsibility of fraudulent charges and alerts placed on your account.


Filing a Police report with the Police is a very simple process.  Once you have filed a report provide your bank with the Police report number.

Make sure, once you file a Police report that you always get your Police report case number and either a receipt that you filed a report or an actual copy of the report for your records. 

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